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Monday, July 16, 2012

Born To Be Wild

It started out as a normal kind of July day. Mini Swim Team at 10 a.m. Drove home and got a few things done. Then someone waved their bad luck wand over us and the rest of the day was horrible!


Kids trying to make mac’ n’ cheese in a rush- put the tupperware dish on the burner and it melts. Bye bye plastic dish! Running late so they ate in the car on different plastic dishes.

Dr’s appt. from hell:

The same bad luck wand waver had to have poured a 2 liter bottle of coke down each of their throats. Something came over them and they became wild animal children. People who know my kids wouldn’t predict that Eli would be spinning around on the stool to the point that he flew off and landed on his butt in the middle of the room. My normally quiet and well behaved boy was climbing on top of and underneath the medical bed! Mia- I could pretty much predict- her normal behavior- fighting, fighting, fighting with her brother.

But what irks me is that we had a special little talk about how this particular doctor does not do well with kids, and that she couldn’t concentrate on Mommy’s situation, and I needed her to do that so I could get well.  Somehow they interpreted this to mean “Ignore Mom every time she tells us to quiet down.” And “Ignore the doctor when she actually has to tell us to quiet down.” And “sit on the lamp tables in the lobby so they tip over.”

Labcorp chips in:

The main reason for going there was to get put back on thyroid medicine. I was taken off in June but really, I need to be on that medicine. So I was looking forward to it. But the doctor didn’t have the numbers she needed. She ordered a specific type of lab from labcorp, and labcorp wasn’t intelligent enough to actually run that test. So my doctor says, “We can test your blood in our office.” “Great!” I say. But when I get to the check out area, and my bill is $220 above what it usually is, it turns out my insurance won’t cover labs done from out-of-network providers. So they say, “We will take off some of the charge, but you need to go back to Lab Corp. But you have to pay us for taking your blood anyway.” So my bill was $20 more than it usually was. AND I get to go get my arm pricked again. Yay!

But wait, there's more! Other people wanted to charge me $20, too. Like the speech therapy office. My doctor’s appointment was at 1:00, and I thought I would have time to get to speech therapy by 3:00, but we walked out of there at 3:20!! And there is a same day cancellation fee. :(


Need I say more? In rush hour traffic I drove to lab corp to voluntarily get my arm stabbed a second time. I got there at 4:10 p.m. What time do they close you ask? 4:00 p.m.

4:15 p.m.

I went to the store to buy a Diet Coke and a cupcake, kids are up in their rooms writing me apology letters, and I am now feeling a bit better. Maybe a power nap could help, too. Hmmmm... might not happen because I wonder why I hear loud music, and stomping on the floor up there...? I guess the wild status isn't so abnormal for them afterall...


'Becca said...

Ah, Natalie. I take a perverse sort of pleasure in knowing someone else is having a week kind of like mine... (misery loves company?)

Necia said...

I'm so sorry! I hate days like that. I've actually had a doctor ask me if she needed to leave the room so that I could get my kids under control. I hope you've gotten your labs done and can get back on your thyroid meds.

The Monkeys said...

You know, you should write more often. I enjoy reading- even if you didn't enjoy the doing part! Hope you have had a few nice calm days!