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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Charity During A Recession

How cool is this organization? So cool!! Let me tell you about it. I first heard about The Tipping Bucket on an LDS radio program about non-profit organizations. The Tipping Bucket fascinated me when I heard about its concept. The organization picks one project at a time to raise money for. Say they need $5000 for computers for children at a school in Africa. Do I have $5000? No. But I may have $1.00, and I may have 5000 friends or friends of friends that also have $1.00. In this age of social networking, it is a great concept.

So I am not ashamed to admit that along with a great number of people in this country, I am pretty strapped right now. A large Sub-for-Santa project would not be in our family's budget AT ALL! To be perfectly honest, even an ornament on a Giving Tree would add stress to our budget. But I do have $1.00. After I donated the first time, I was automatically on their mailing list and they would notify me when they were fundraising for their next project (a few weeks later), and I was happy to give $1.00 to that next project. It makes me feel like the widow's mite CAN make a difference. The default donation is $1.00. They really are happy just for that small amount! That's where the name, The Tipping Bucket came from. Every donation is like a small drop in the bucket. When they reach their fundraising goal, the bucket overflows or "tips" over, and they celebrate and move on to the next project. If they don't meet their fundraising goal (which has happened once so far since I've been following the organization,) they actually refund you! Their website actually says, "Change the world or your money back!"

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