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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Endocrine Disorders Series Part 2: Narrowing Down Your Symptoms

So you know you don't feel right. Or you have a constellation of symptoms that your gut tells you are related, but you don't know how or why. Or maybe you have these symptoms, and you or your doctor are attributing them to some other cause, but no remedies are fixing it. Maybe this will help you put your finger on it. Some of the symptoms overlap, and that is because these different metabolic systems work together and influence one another. Skipping ahead a bit- you might be asking which imbalance should you worry about fixing first- definitely adrenal, if you have many of those symptoms. Also, I linked to some other places to scan for symptoms. There are actually quite a few out there on the internet. Google is also great, of course. (my best friend.) I just picked one link for each condition. Feel free to research further, if you need to.

Also some of this is a bit TMI, but you know. Go ahead and be jealous.

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms
What I Experienced
- fatigue so bad, that I could drink a 5 hour energy drink in the morning, then go back to sleep and sleep all day
- anxiety (this can get pretty bad, too!)
- feeling like you are having a nervous breakdown all the time
- feeling of impending doom for no reason
- allergies
- frequent colds/flu and/or frequent sinus and/or lung infections
- arthritis
- depression
- irritability/snapping/bad temper/rages
- difficulty concentrating
- insomnia
- inability to lose weight
- low libido
- doing anything to avoid confrontation because your ability to handle stress has dwindled to nothing
- feel much better after stress is relieved
- hypoglycemia
- belly fat
- feel much better after eating
- feel much worse between 3 and 5 pm
- crave salt
- PMS is EXTRA horrible
- hair loss
- nervousness, heart palpitations, panic attacks, fearfulness
- chronic diarrhea
- feel better after laying down
- hate hot weather
- heartburn
- injuries that never healed or remained inflamed despite physical therapy

Hypo-Thyroid Symptoms
What I Experienced
- fatigue
- hair loss, also eyebrows & eyelashes starting to fall out
- dry skin
- achy muscles
- weight gain & absolute & complete inability to lose weight
- when I was too hot, my body had a hard time cooling me off. When I was too cold, my body had a hard time warming me back up.
- sluggish digestion
- sluggish memory
- blurry vision (but the doctor says you have 20/20 vision)
- exercise intolerance (at a certain elevated heart rate, I felt awful like I was going to die or faint)
- prescription anti-depressants wouldn't work (I tried EIGHT different ones)
- high cholesterol
- complete lack of motivation
- broken/peeling and all kinds of weirdness with fingernails
- fluid retention/puffy face
- tightness in throat
- not wanting to wear necklaces/not wanting anything to touch your neck
- feeling in general like someone let all the air out of your tires

PCOS Symptoms
What I Experienced
- ultrasounds that confirmed I had cysts on my ovaries
- hair growth in places that no one wants it!
- hair loss
- messed up hormones in lab tests from your regular doctor
- weight gain & inability to lose weight despite all your very best efforts
- insulin resistance confirmed by a lab test from your regular doctor
- high cholesterol
- high blood pressure
- heavy periods
- depression & anxiety
- irregular ovulation
- skin tags

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms (Here I am Describing Estrogen Dominance/Progesterone Deficiency)
What I Experienced
- polycystic ovaries
- water retention
- moodiness
- swollen breasts
- super strong cramps during menstruation
- reduced libido
- the worst depression
- insomnia
- weight gain
- magnesium deficiency diagnosed through lab tests
- extreme irritability
- iron deficiency anemia diagnosed through lab tests

Stay tuned for the next couple posts that will list out some resources I found helpful for each of these conditions.


Val said...

Hey Natalie, I really appreciate this. A TON of it applies to me.

(PS I used to be in Alex2 ward and linked to your blog through someone in the ward. I really connected with the first post I read, put it in reader and been following since. Thank you for sharing these things. It's really helpful to me.)

Dana Broderick said...
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Dana Broderick said...

You are very brave to share! There are people who struggle and don't know what from...and your posts will definitely help!!