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Monday, September 13, 2010

Reason #101 to love NYC

We had an awesome 10th anniversary celebration without kids for a few days in New York City last week before school started, and we ate breakfast at a famous bagel restaurant called Ess-a-bagel. I'm now making myself hungry posting the pictures. It was so good!

We had the funniest Jewish old man helping us. I feel compelled to share. The conversation went something like this (picture a thick Jewish/New York accent... obviously!):

Jewish Old Man: (seeing Natalie) You brought me an angel! (seeing Chris) Oh, I see you brought your father with you!

Chris & Natalie: (laughing)

Jewish Old Man: Where are you from?

Chris: DC

Jewish Old Man: NO YA NOT!

Chris: Originally from Utah.

Jewish Old Man: I KNEW it. Where are all ya wives?

Chris & Natalie: (laughing)

Jewish Old Man: do you want ya bagels toasted? (pause) HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris & Natalie: Ahem, yes, toasted! Sorry!

Jewish Old Man: What we do here is go as slow as we can so a line forms. That way people figure it's a great place to eat! Uh oh. The line is getting shorter. I better go slower.

Chris: Do you have raspberry cream cheese?

Jewish Old Man: Not unless you wanna wait 10 months for raspberry season. (To Natalie) If he gives you a hard time, you come see me.

Jewish Old Man: Where do women with big bosoms work? Hooters. Where do one-legged women work? IHOP. I'm workin' hard here for my tip. You owe me one dollar.


The monkey bunch said...

cute! thanks for the conversation. It made me laugh out loud.

Erin said...

LOVE IT!!! great capturing of the accents, too. :-)

AW said...

love NYC! how fun you got to get away for your anniversary!

April Cobb said...