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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Five Star Book Review

I would recommend this book not only for people struggling with depression, anxiety, OCD, that type of thing, but also for overstressed, overwhelmed people, and for people with mild depression- sort of low-energy/apathetic type of feeling. I think everyone should read it because the chances are extremely high that you will need the things you learn for yourself at some point in your life or for someone you love. You might even be suffering needlessly, telling yourself it's "normal" and that you just need to "buck up." Or maybe you feel just fine as long as you can stuff your sorrows/stresses down your throat with cookies and chocolate. Yep, you need to read this book!!

This is definitely the best book I have ever read on depression. Partly because the nutrition and supplement recommendations in it are RIGHT ON. I have been like the human experiment and can testify that it works, and it works FAST, like in 5 or 10 minutes. I have mentioned before that I found a supplement that helped me, but similar to anti-depressant medicines in the past, it worked real well at first, then the effect was a lot less. After reading this book, I now understand why, and I have been able to add things to my vitamin/supplement regiment that have fixed the problem longer-term. I feel like wearing a T-shirt that says, "Vitamins and Supplements Saved My Life." I constantly want to recommend supplements to friends, but this book is the perfect thing to help you not just take supplements willy-nilly because your hair dresser told you to or the other mom at soccer practice told you to, but when you read it you will be able to line up your symptoms with the correct supplement, and you are zero-ing in on the exact root cause of your mood problem.

Julia Ross' writing is down-to-earth and readable, very persuasive, and the research seems to be impeccable. And again, I think EVERYONE in the entire world should read this book. Taking some of the supplements she recommends for depression should be as much common knowledge as taking a Tylenol for a headache!!!

I am completely on board with the author's philosophy that food in this country isn't what it used to be. This is a very common conclusion in the alternative/holistic health world. But the research is there. Our protein doesn't have as much tryptophan in it so our brains can have seratonin, and our produce just doesn't have the vitamins & minerals in it that it used to. Like I said, this needs to be common knowledge. And after you get a bit of that education, you get to stop beating yourself up for "STILL" not feeling well like you "SHOULD." I really enjoyed the book's format with plenty of trouble-shooting guides, and even a section on how to break an addiction to sugar and carbs.

Depression update for me: Even though at the moment, it's the same story with some good days and some bad, at least I am getting more and more educated on why that is and how I can fix it. Let's put it this way: I did a little curtain washing and ironing project the other day, and DH says to me, "Are you feeling better today? Whenever the iron comes out, you know you've got to be probably feeling a lot better!"

One more recommendation- you can fix a lot of physical and mental problems with nutrition alone, too. This is a great podcast, which is an interview with a nutritionist you may have heard of, JJ Virgin, that gives an overview of food sensitivities and whether that could possibly be the problem. The recording is a little soft. You will definitely need to wear headphones and turn up the volume, but it's great info.


Chris said...

Just the fact that you're blogging is a good sign.

- DH

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie, you don't know me but I'm LDS and live across the country. I linked over to your blog a long time ago and I was cheered so much by what you wrote and how frank you were that I added you to my google reader. I have had some periods of depression where I look back and wonder how I made it through it. Thank you for posting about this book. I can't wait to get my hands on it. And just for the record. You are awesome.