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Monday, June 8, 2009

Aargh. Ugh. Ewwww!!!

I have had a BAD day.

The usual people I vent to (my mom & sister) were not answering their phones, so I decided to vent this to you all!!

Well, as is often the case, I set myself up for failure by staying up too late reading the Twilight Saga (just finished New Moon and starting Eclipse... I'm a Jacob Fan... anything else you want to discuss about Twilight? :)

I vaguely remember yelling down to Eli from my bedroom to go ahead and leave for the bus. I was that tired this morning.

Mia and I headed off for the gym, and THAT part of my day was great. I did my intervals on the elliptical, and I did great! I went 2.61 miles, 32 minutes, average heart rate 147, peak heart rate 180,* calories burned 698. (Loving my No Excuses Workouts Software.) It felt really good. I was sweating my butt off, remembering a quote I read once inside an athletic wear store, "It's not sweat, it's your fat cells crying." So there you go.

I decided to get smoothies for Mia and I so I could have some post-workout protein. So we head out to the car & I had my hands full of stuff, load Mia in the car and promptly drove off with my smoothie on the roof of my car!!!!!! :(

The other problem was that it was SO HOT! Or at least it felt significantly more humid & oppressive than the past few beautiful days. I just couldn't breathe & I felt nauseous. I hate summer for that reason. I start to feel claustrophobic and I hate the heat. Plus a lot of added stress related to having the kids home all the time and the pressure to entertain them in the dreaded blasted heat and ... oh I could go on. But I think it's also something biochemical with me. And because it somehow validates my suffering, I found some articles on that here, here, and here if you're at all curious or interested.

Mia and I also stopped by Eli's school on the way to the gym for something PTA related. It brings to mind that I'm so stressed out with the PTA. It's something I'm committed to that I want to get out of. I am trying to figure out a way to not be in charge next year of the things I'm in charge of this year. It has taken way too much of my time. I'd rather volunteer on a case by case basis when I have time. You know? I really want to make sure I'm involved, but not trapped into more than I bargained for. This is a really bad time for me to be lessening the amount I can do for the PTA because we just had a boundary change with the elementary schools in the area that leaves us with almost zero PTA. It's really sad, actually.

Then honestly because I was beginning to feel horrible emotionally & physically from the heat, I considered not bringing Eli to his tennis class. And you guessed it, I didn't listen to myself. I went & regretted it. My plan was to let him go to his class while I sat in the air conditioned car. Well, I'm taking some medication because I just got diagnosed with PCOS, and my stomach started imploding (dang side effects of Metformin, or maybe I really did have heat stroke?). I spent the next 30 minutes in the bathroom, barely able to walk out and say to Eli he needed to grab his racket and leave early.

Other highlights to the day: a fight with the pediatrician's office's administrator- her saying they never give antibiotics for tick bites. Me saying a friend of mine got antibiotics from a pediatrician at your office and urged me to make this call because it was a necessary prophylactic step against Lyme disease! Anybody know any pediatricians I can go to?

Luckily, Chris was home early enough to take Mia to her dance class, so I didn't have to hang out the whole time in the bathroom at the dance studio. And he was also an angel and made dinner. I was so starving from not having eaten lunch and not having kept down any of my breakfast. But guess what we found in his beautiful stir fry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A beetle!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and can I cheat and add something sucky that happened yesterday? ANOTHER woman at church asked me if I was expecting a baby. Nope. No baby!! No baby!!! And more abuse, too. She was like, "Well, are you done having kids?" "I don't know, but I'm done having this conversation! Good bye!" Just that morning I was celebrating the milestone of 17 pounds lost... And the timing of that...

So I'm definitely not going to end this bad day by eating cookies & sweet rolls like I want to. Oh ok, I'll admit it's partially because my stomach is killing me! What do you all do to make yourselves feel better after extremely sucky days?

*I wear a heart rate monitor on my wrist to follow an interval plan. The No Excuses Workout System personalizes a plan for you like "Warm up for 5 minutes at heart rate 142, then do an interval for 4 min. at 157, then rest for 2 min. at 142, etc." Don't worry. I have a high anaerobic threshold (AT). I'm not headed for the ER or anything. :) The AT means the heart rate where your perceived exertion is at an 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. That's only for your last interval. I did accidentally go a little above my threshold of 172 because I just felt so good. It's probably a good thing. :)


Sarah said...

I love my heart rate monitor. Unfortunately, it was defective and I'm actually awaiting a replacement in the mail. Workouts aren't the same without that little number staring at me.

Sorry you had such a bad day and HUGE CONGRATS for 17 pounds lost!!! Way to go!! I think you should have told that to the nosey woman. "No, actually, I've recently LOST 17 pounds and pretty soone I'LL be asking YOU if you're preggers!!"

Hang in there, things will get better. And thanks for posting so the rest of us don't have to only read from the 'Pretenders' trying to present their perfect little lives. =) (Of course I mean no one in particular--you know how blogs are . . . )

Cunningham Blog said...

That's a whole lot of bad for one little day! Hope today goes a lot better. Stay in the air conditioning!

Rob and Jewls said...

I try to veg out in front of the tube and go to sleep early when those sort of days hit. I am so's to a better day today! :)Congrats on 17 lbs...that is no small feat, NAtalie!

The monkey bunch said...

Hey Natalie, I have never heard of giving antibiotics for a tick bite unless you have one of the following symptoms: If you develop any type of rash, flulike symptoms, fever, joint or muscle achiness, or nausea or vomiting and you know you’ve recently had a tick bite, see your doctor. The person that gave your friend the medicine may have thought they also had those kinds of symptoms and was doing it just in case or was a quack and wanted the lady to be happy with their service! Doctors and NP's still give antibiotics way too often, just to make people happy! I would say the fact that your doctor didn't give you any even when you were insisting on it means that she is a pretty good doctor!
Congratulations on the 17 pounds. That is so awesome!!

xsfav14 - Chele said...

Hi Natalie,

I give you bunches of Hugs for the awful day you had!! I too, go straight to bed when possible, when I am having one of those days. With kids, that isn't always possible.

Maybe after the kids are in bed, soak in a hot bubble bath with some nice candles going. Spoil yourself anyway you enjoy - that isn't food! Boy do I need to work on that one!! LOL!!

Hope your day is a lot better today.

fellow SP/Twitter xsfav14

Shelly said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck! I'm so sorry. What a sucky day!!! Props for the weight loss. I actually thought you looked really nice at church on Sunday, and you were so thoughtful to help out with the twins.

Keep plugging away. I like to take a walk or a drive (with this heat) and listen to my favorite music. Then I watch Friends.

RebeckerOnline said...

Congrats on the weight loss! You are my hero! I can't even lose one pound even with an hour walk every single day.

Sorry for the bad day. Hope writing the blog got it off the chest and today starts better.

Hatch said...

Cheers to loosing 17 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's great. Not counting having babies, I have never lost that amount in my life if you every single pound Ive ever lost. You are doing amazing stuff! Sorry about the terrible day. I loved hearing about your heart rate monitor=very cool.

PTA, great organization, but if it matters, I think you should take a year of less responsibility. You'll be in a better place to serve there in a year or two. Cheers to you and your family AND maybe some good snowcones this hot summer.

Jenny said...

Vegging in front of the T.V. at night is what I do after a sucky day too. I don't bother cleaning up or stressing about anything. I try to find the sappiest movie or better yet put in one of my own that will make me cry like Hope Floats or Ever After. Nothing's better after a sucky day than a good cry. One of my new favorites is The Locater - best cry show ever! Troy Dunn on TLC I think.

Congrats on the 17 pounds!!

Leslie said...

Oh, Nat. I'm sort of sorry that another church lady asked if you are pregnant, but I'm sort of not. That story you told: "this story has to be told" was SO hilarious. I laughed for days about it--every time I thought about it I'd chuckle.

The point is that you have a great story telling ability. (I even lifted a line from your recounting.) Is this not a great gift in itself?

Consider each (inappropriate) comment a special treasure. You can share them with us and we can all laugh together, and they can help you stay committed to your workout program. Just think of all those skinny minnies out there running around NEVER working out and never getting the healthy benefits of exercise. You on the other hand, are sweating and getting your heart rate up and thus contributing to a long term healthy lifestyle.

LazyLimaBean said...

RE: What do you all do to make yourselves feel better after extremely sucky days?

Normally if I make the effort to do something for someone else, especially when I do not feel like it, it helps.

Sometimes I pull out a book that can take me on a mental journey just to give my brain some place else to visit. You know, a mini-vacation for the mind.

Or like you, sit down and write and epistle.

And then it always seems to hit me - "Life is rough and then you die but there is always joy to be had along the way. It could be worse, I could be a Marine on the side of the mountain in Afghanistan. I can survive."

April Cobb said...

Stop it!!! Seriously? I am so sorry. Will the suffering ever end? Have things gotten better since? Congrats on the 17 pounds, Nat. That is such victory. I need to follow your lead and get on with it. I just had to photoshop some back fat out of a picture of me with my family. Not a good thing. xoxox

JJ said...

I hope you know you can always call me when you have a bad day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat, Steve is out of town, he has gone fishing in Mexico with his brother and Dad, so I am alone tonight and the next few days so I decided to catch up with the facebook thing and check out your cool blog and found out about your TERRIBLE day! I am sorry I missed your we spent most of the day at the pool and again tonight at the pool again with the scouts. Then I put all the kids to bed except for Kayla and I treated myself to my favorite restaurant "The Bombay House" since Steve was gone. I can't wait to call you tomorrow morning. I am so admire your pounds lost and can't wait to learn from you. I hope you feel better soon. Don't take that medicine anymore which made you so sick!! There has to be a better solution. Talk to you soon! Luv ya, Hill