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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quick Follow Up

I thought you all would want to know Mia had such a great couple weeks after all my worries! I think it helps that I decided to start driving her every day & picking her up. I think both Mia and the teacher somehow subliminally do better with this set-up.

Also, the one-on-one time at home is so helpful. When we don't do it, she backslides. So it's a must for her every day.

Then her little Social Skills class started last week. I think this will help because the teachers are psychologists & notice little things.

Making sure she gets plenty of sleep is ALWAYS on the checklist. Believe me! :)

Also after Spring Break, when I first brought Mia back, I talked frankly with her teacher and told her I thought Mia did better with POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT & could she keep doing that, but no more yelling. I said that yelling didn't work for us at home & next time she had problems with Mia, could she please, please be more gentle. To the teacher's credit, I think she is doing better with this. I know from experience that yelling is a hard habit to break. I also talked to the directors of the preschool and let them know that I was not thrilled about the yelling. So that's all I can do. One day at a time! But overall, I'm breathing a lot easier about it.


Ryann said...

So glad to hear that everything is better!

Cunningham Blog said...

So happy that she is happy! And sleep is such a big factor. When my girls act up to the point where I am ready o give them away, I try to think "are they tired? are they hungry?" Garry does the same thing w/ me!

Michele said...

So glad to hear. What a relief for both of you.

The monkey bunch said...

I'm glad you did an update. I remember when Max went through a biting phase (I had never had a child do that before, so it was hard to deal with). It seemed like our family would be the pariah of the ward forever! It actually only last a short while and now he is the kid I would never expect in the middle of the fight. I'm sure you will find the same with Mia.

Aunt Spicy said...

Oh Nat, this is excellent! Its great that you were able to identify changes that produced such positive results!

Maybe in the next few weeks on a day off I can lug my sewing machine to your place and we can get some projects finished!

April Cobb said...

Oh dear!! Yelling? Why would the teacher yell? Talk about having issues with control. You are doing everything that you should be doing. Good luck. May the force be with you.