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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Top 10 reasons I hate having a birthday near Christmas:

  1. If someone gets me flowers for my birthday, it's a poinsetta.
  2. Yeah, don't even talk to me about the wrapping paper & cards that I get!
  3. Growing up, the parents and g-parents were all out of money right after Christmas. Brother & sisters would get $20 on their birthdays, but on mine, sorry, here's $1.
  4. Or people do a 2-fer: here's your Christmas SLASH birthday present/card.
  5. Everyone is out of town when you try to invite them to your parties.
  6. Something about having your thunder stolen by Christmas AND New Years parties.
  7. No outdoor birthdays, EVER!
  8. You feel like you have to apologize to people for causing them stress when they thought they were done with holiday stress. (Excuse the heck out of me for being born when I was!)
  9. No cupcakes at school.
  10. Suspect people of fishing the birthday present out of the Christmas present pile. (Hey! That's probably a regift!)
But on a more positive note, for the last 8 years, it's been more fun. Because I found my soul mate who was also born near Christmas, and we can empathize to make each others' birthdays more fun, and a lot of the time, we celebrate our half birthdays in June. Also, my birthday is almost like a New Year's Eve for me. I can think about the past year and what I want the next one to be like. I sure hope this year is full of progress in my health- mental and physical. I sure have been working hard at it. I just want to see some of the fruits.

Back in July of this year, the Memory Tag/Meme was going around the blogosphere. But I have saved it for all this time to do what my sister-in-law did- to use it as my birthday post. I turn 37 on Monday, and for my birthday, I am asking you to write me a memory of you and me. (i.e. like a first impression, time we were together, something funny or anything to spark my memories to come back:)) You can post them here or email it to me. It should be fun to read. Thanks, in advance.


Annie said...

ryan's birthday is today and now i am feeling worse about the fate of his birthdays to come. the memory i will never ever forget now is leaving the beavis message on your phone. but before that, i would probably say that when i think of you, i think of beautiful art and creating beautiful things! happy birthday!

The monkey bunch said...

I remember very vividly the day you told people about your blog at card club and I think I was very rude about saying something about not having time for something like that, being as it was a waste of time and I was much too busy. I am sure I didn't say it like that, but I remember it that way and have felt bad ever since! Thanks for turning me on to blogging. I have had so much fun since. Happy Birthday!

Laura said...

Natalie, I remember the first time you spoke in church and how excited I was that you had a child that was close to my child's age. I remember thinking you were so beautiful with such wonderful hair!! Thanks for letting our family get to know yours. I hope your birthday is a great one this time around. Happy Birthday!!!!

Kent said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!

You and Collie both have birthdays close to Christmas. We always tried to keep them separate, but I'm sure she has felt the same way sometimes.

I remember spending all wonderful times with you and your family: Christmas Eve, New Years, your birthday (yes your birthday), Easter egg hunts, family get togethers, lots of good food and many more. You are a great niece and we love you and your family tons!

I hope you had a great Christmas and have a wonderful birthday! Tell Chris hello and give the kids a big hug!


Dianah said...

I'm not certain I can think of an individual moment. I see you so often. I love visiting with you and am so happy that I get to serve in the church with you. You are a wonderful woman, great mother and wife, and great friend. Thank you for being there for me even though you didn't know I needed you.

Cunningham Blog said...

Happy Birthday, my darling Natalie! So many fun memories-- interns in DC, law school, Duck Beach -- great times! Look forward to many more memories to come!

Sarah said...

I remember the first time I met you--I came to DC for Thanksgiving and we ran the Turkey trot in Alexandria with April. You and April played an alphabet game the whole time. I thought you were so pretty and put-together. Later, when we played games at your apartment (I think), I was slightly jealous because the cute boys all wanted to talk to YOU. =)

My son's b-day is December 23. He just turned 4, so doesn't yet realize the significance of having a b-day so close to Christmas. I hope to always make it separate for him. Thanks for your perspective!

JJ said...

Happy Birthday!!!
1. Let me official invite you to our support group for those who have birthdays on or around major holidays (our first vote of 2009 will be if we should include those born on May 5th...its up for debate)
2. You thanking me for not staring at you when you got a ticket one sunday morning before church. Ironically, I was so worried about getting a parking space I did not even notice you or the cop car with flashing lights. I just remembering being grateful that someone said hi to in the midst of all you were going through you were an answer to my prayer!

Teresa said...

Well, I met Natalie in November of 1999. I flew out to visit my brother Chris. I stayed at Natalie's house with her roommates. I will never forget going to the many monuments we visited for the day and ending it at Starbucks where we got a carmel apple cider, Yumm. I think about that time when it's cold outside or when I have anything carmel apple! Thanks for the memories Natalie!

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . said...

celebrate 1/2 birthdays instead and have a birthday party in June!

Hatch said...

Natalie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY a little late! You know I met your mother before I met you, we stayed at her house in Beligium. And the influence of your dad changed our lives. We went to Beligium the first 6 mo. of our marriage because of the pull your father had at NATO. I think you're like your mom when it comes to hospitality and like your father when it come to positive influence.
Here is a moment when you positively influenced my life. We were both in the Alexandria ward. During one RS lesson I felt impressed to make a comment. I would get so nervous to say something in front of that many people but the impression was there so I said it. Later you commented on what I had said. You understood what I was saying through the spirit. I had always admired your talents to make things beautiful. During one enrichment activity you shared some personal thoughts about making your home beautiful and that it meant more than good color schemes and the like, it meant making a beautiful feeling, a place where your husband and children wanted to be. Your spiritual nature is one of my favorite qualities about you, and I believe, your greatest strength.

David and 'Becca Black said...

Happy Birthday! I remember your smile & laugh most of all. I remember you in History class with me in high school. I remember you performing with me in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. I remember you wishing I would get up when my LOUD alarm went off. :)

Carrie Johanson said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! Some of my first memories of you in the Colonial ward were just of how beautiful you are. Then of course it was fun to have your reception at our house and you having us over for dinner afterward. You always make things so classy!

Anonymous said...

My first memory of you was when you spoke at church. On the way home, my roommate said I should ask you out. But I was an intern and wasn't worthy, er, didn't have a car. So I tucked that thought away in my heart.

When I moved back to DC after my internship I saw you at home evening at Brother Jenkins house. You stood out as a shining star among all the women in the Colonial Ward. I remembered having tucked away that thought of asking you out.

My car was totaled on the way to DC, so I was still unworthy, but wouldn't let that stop my anymore. I had to badger my roommate for weeks to get a date and double with me. I remember chuckling to myself when you canceled your other "plans" with that other guy to come with me.

I will never forget the fabulous surprise party you threw for me a year later. You kidnapped me and took me and dozens of friends to Dave & Busters. I've never had a better birthday party.

Our wedding day was so euphoric. You were beautiful as ever and even though so many things went wrong, you were perfect.

I remember seeing our children emerge from you. My heart is still full as I think of them and you and the bonds that will forever tie us together.

I see you now, as beautiful as ever, my friend that I get to come home to every day. My love that motivates me to be my best

I love you

- Chris

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Natalie. I used to teach Eli in nursery, I think that is when I met you the first time. I always thought of you as someone who is as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. You radiate beauty through your smile and glow in your eyes. I also admired the amazing ideas you had for enrichment night and I copied several of them when I became an enrichment leader! Also, if you ever want to have a bday party outside - come visit us in SoCal ;)

LazyLimaBean said...

Ahhhh, memories of 14/15

1) Ballet recital - demonstrating ballet basics at the bar.
2) Artist - using crayons and a soldering iron to create a beautiful holly leaf and holly berries for a Christmas card in a mini-Homemaking event for Young Women.
3) Organizer - working with the YW to put together NIGHT IN BETHLEHEM.
4) Friend - sitting on the floor after getting locked out of your house, eating tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on a rainy, gray day in Filderstadt/Plattenhardt.
5) Eating chocolate cake.....



RebeckerOnline said...

Happy Birthday to you! I remember you as beautiful, positive, kind and a wonderful visiting teacher during my transition to moving to DC. It really meant a lot at that time.

Enjoy your day!

April Cobb said...

I know it is hard. But I think that if I were in your situation and could have just ONE of the cupcakes in the picture you posted, all of that pain would wash away instantly. Yum!

Lisa T. said...

You hit the nail on the head with your Top 10! (I'm on December 18th. And it stinks!)

I remember you on your wedding day. You and Chris were married just two days before me. Being the oldest child and first to marry in my family I did not really know what to expect. I watched you like a hawk all day. Without knowing it you "coached" me through my own wedding day. I was nervous about being the center of attention all day long. I was nervous about doing everything right at the temple, since it was brand new to me.

You were beautiful and perfect. Thank you for getting married when you did, and thank you for being my role model.