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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Come On In! Here's The Tour!


Oh did I say December 15th? Because I meant 12:07 am on December 16th. Ever since I graduated from law school, deadlines & I have not gotten along. I feel I shouldn't have to be bothered by them. Too bad the rest of the world doesn't feel that way.

Now on to the tour. When we were first married, I started to realize how important keeping Swedish traditions were & I bought a boat-load of Ikea traditional Swedish decor. If I replaced it, I'd miss it. But it's not really a question since we have neither the room nor the budget to change the decorations every year. It's just stayed this way for 8 years! But I like it. Incidentally, yesterday was St. Lucia & someday I'll be organized enough to bring my kids to a Lucia celebration somewhere! So the decor is one part Swedish, one part stuff my mom's given me from Germany, one part stuff other people have given me, and one part crafts from my kids!

I guess we'll start outside. I have to explain that as simple as our lights are, we are the total "Griswalds" of the street. No one else in our whole neighborhood has the icicle lights, which I love. So kudos to Chris for being brave enough to get up on that ladder!

Then on to the living room... Swedish stuff... and nutcrackers...  Click on any of these photos, if you want, to see them up close.

Here are some close-ups of ornaments. Most of the ornaments are shiny red balls and Swedish straw snowflakes, hearts, angels, stars, etc. But a few years ago, my sister gave me a set of ornaments with pictures of Christ inside them. Very beautiful. Then I have a few from my time on Capitol Hill. I tried to photograph the back of the one of the Capitol because it has Senator Hatch's signature engraved on the back. Cool. I think I got the White House ornament one year for volunteering for a campaign. The one on the top right is a cut from a branch of the huge Capitol Christmas tree that was from Utah back in 1996.

A few glimpses of garlands we have up in the hall.

One day I hope I have a beautiful dining room table all done up. Not so much now. Just smashed up Cheerios and spaghetti & yogurt splashed all over the chairs. But I edited that out! Here are some glimpses of stuff in our dining room.

That's about it! Below you'll see proof that my decorations really are as old as I say they are! This is the Christmas card I watercolor-painted for Christmas 2000!

And finally, I have to risk being a bit cheesy. But come on, it's CHRISTMAS!! This is not a Christmas decoration, it always sits up on our bookshelf. But it's the sentiment I hope we all have in our homes as we try to to have soft hearts and voices. Here's an early Christmas wish for you all: I love you all & I hope this Chrsitmas season you're blessed with an added measure of the knowledge that He loves you. We're so blessed that He came into the world & gave us so much.


Becky said...

Everything looks soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Dianah said...

Your home looks so nice. The only decoration I have is my tree and we only have that because of the kids. Random question: where do you put all that stuff 11 months of the year? I can barely find room to keep my tree. Merry Christmas!!

Natalie C. said...

We have everything up in the attic. It fits in 2 tupperware Christmas bins plus one smaller one that has spaces for ornaments (plus the fake tree!) Can't wait until we have a bigger place to store stuff like that, though! Storage is always the problem with small places to live, isn't it?

RebeckerOnline said...

Wow! My house looks so naked next to these pictures. In fact, I've started to put the Christmas cards that I receive in the mail on my tree and ...I even put a scarf from India on it that a friend just brought me from a trip. It looked so much like "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" that I put a pair of my gloves on it just for fun. Anyway, nice variety!

Bonita said...

Very pretty! I have a dear friend of Swedish descent and I never thought to ask if she has an special traditions. Now I will!

JJ said...

Nat, it looks amazing! What kind of wreaths are in the window above the front door?

The monkey bunch said...

so pretty. I love how your nativity people like to wander!

Natalie C. said...

JJ, oh those are actually snowflakes. I think some sort of thing we got at CVS. :)

Tom and Angie Archibald said...

your house looks awesome, natalie! you are fabulous and delicious in so many ways!


Lisa T. said...

Wow! Your house looks so festive, fun, and fabulous! I am now regretting the fact that I stopped after the tree. -- Well, there's always next year.

Patti said...


I LOVE it! I need to fly you down to decorate my home next year, okay? You have such a flair for this. So festive!

Dana Broderick said...

what a great looking house! you are so talented Natalie! hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Kent said...

God Jul!

Your house and decorations look wonderful. The family is getting together in our home for Christmas Eve for a little risgrynsgrot! You know, gotta keep up those Swedish traditions. You will be missed! We wish you the very best this Christmas season.

K & V

Anonymous said...

Natalie-it's so nice to see you "all grown up"-I still think about you and hope that you are well this Christmas Season. I still count you as one of my good friends. -Wendy (Henson) Koller