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Friday, November 21, 2008

I Want To See What Your Christmas Trees Look Like


I think I will be participating in this on December 15th.  Thought I'd post it in case others of you want to, as well.

Since I know you're all offering up tons of excuses right now about why you don't want to participate, I'll tell you why I'm doing it.  And it's not because my decorations would win any contests (and it's not a contest, by the way.)  My excuse was- but my Christmas decor is boring, and I'm sick of it.  Then I realized that it's new to many people besides the people who have lived with me for the last 6 years.  I'm not doing anything different than I would normally do, but I'm just sharing it with the internet because it's cheery.

The rules from BooMama.Net are:
That you actually post pictures of your holiday decorations (what kind of pictures?) …well, I’m thinking pictures of your tree…pictures of a particular collection that you love…pictures of your favorite nativity scene…pictures of your front door…and pictures of your outside decorations if you’d like to share them. Show us your favorite traditions.

So basically, you know, whatever.

And really, it’s only fair that you should provide some refreshments (I mean, you ARE inviting us over and all), so I think it would be great fun if everyone posted his or her favorite quick and easy holiday recipe along with the pictures.

And if you’re wondering how this works, it’s pretty simple. You’ll put up your Christmas Tour post on your blog on the 15th, then hop over here and leave your link on the Mr. Linky. Once you leave your link, you can start clicking through the list and visiting other people. It’s like an Open House, but since it’s on the internet you get to experience the Open House while you’re wearing your pajamas and eating chocolate.


Kenny and Linsey said...

This is a great idea, but we are traveling for the holidays so no decorating. Maybe next year.

The monkey bunch said...

This actually sounds kind of fun! It would be cool to see other people's decor.