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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Web Round-up ("How To" Edition)

I have seen posts like this on other blogs, and I quite liked them. It's just a little collection of links I have come across lately and thought I'd share them because they were cool.

1. How to Hem Jeans

2. How to Dress For A Family Portrait

3. How to Become Un-Depressed After Reading the News

4. How to Fight Seasonal Allergies (Including a Saline Solution For Your Neti Pot)

5. How to Get Your Kids to Sleep Longer In The Morning


Dana Broderick said...

cool! i love these type of things! i just read the 'how to dress for a family portrait' because we are getting ours taken next week and it always stresses me out! good advice in there! now i need to read about getting my kids to sleep longer in the morning.....(that would be fabulous!)

Kenny and Linsey said...

Frankly I have no idea, but I'll keep you posted. You're actually ahead of the curve on this, even the papers in Venezuela haven't yet picked up the story.

Michele said...

Good to know. I love tidbits. I could definitely use the sleep longer one. Do you have one on how to get kids to go to sleep?