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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Out of Body Experience

Going to the mountains with my husband for our anniversary without kids was like having someone else's life for a few days.

We're eating dinner outdoors by the goldfish pond and pleasantly watching other peoples' kids throw in bread crumbs for the fish to enjoy... AND ice cubes AND their plastic cups AND almost try to teeter in themselves. And we smile knowingly, nodding our heads, sighing with all that free time and relaxation on our hands.

We're watching what WE want to watch on the hotel TV (I mean Veggie Tales is fun and all, but...). We're having complete uninterrupted conversations. We're sleeping in late into the morning.

We're renting mountain bikes without child seats. No training wheels, no tricycles! Just the two of us and the mountain air on our faces, enjoying the scenery of deer, wildflowers, steep mountain inclines on either side of us. Kids? What kids?

And how could I forget my MASSAGE! At the hotel SPA!!!!!!!! Is this my life????

Swimming in The Crater, feeling like adventurous young people, not like middle aged parents with worry lines engraved in their foreheads.

Dressing up to go to dinner, having all the time in the world, being able to choose between driving in to Park City, or going with the recommendation of the Heber City locals.

Stuffing our faces with Mexican food, forgetting that we actually do have the metabolism of mid-30s people and not 20 somethings. Woops! Better go back to a bit of reality. It felt like someone else's life, someone else's body, perhaps. But the truth is, it WAS actually me. What a blessed, lucky life to be able to celebrate 8 blessed years with my husband on a little vacation like this.


Michele said...

How fun! Those little get-aways are great when they come.

Lisa said...

I'm so jealous! I can't even remember what that life is like. I'm glad you had such a great anniversary.

Angie said...

I'm glad you guys were able to get away. My kids miss their cousins! It was wonderful to see you all.

Annie said...

sigh. if i close my eyes, i can almost imagine how wonderful your getaway must have been. you deserve it!

Ryann said...

That sounds wonderful! I'm so glad that you got to do it!

The monkey bunch said...

That crater looks amazing! And the rest sounds beautiful too! Only once have we gone over night without kids and I worried the whole time, because they were with people we didn't know that well.- one of these days.

April Cobb said...

Wonderful, Nat. Seriously, you deserved that and so do I. Where do I sign up?