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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love and Healing

The other day, early in the morning, as I was thinking about things before I got up, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself for various reasons. And I caught myself pre-meditating which kind of cookies/treats I was going to eat that day. Of course, I know I go to food for comfort, but I think also, to provide myself with love or attempt to heal emotional wounds. (I know I'm getting a bit deep on you guys, here...) But sugary foods are not healing or necessarily loving. So I tried to correct my thinking a bit by making a list of things that ARE healing & loving.

When you need emotional healing:

  • Prayer and spiritual experiences are healing.
  • Physical rest is healing.
  • Actual balanced nutrition is healing.
  • Movement is healing.
  • Creative expression is healing.
  • Cleanliness is healing.
  • Progress reports aid healing.
  • Touch & massage are healing.
  • Talking, crying, emoting are healing when it doesn't hurt others.
  • Boundaries are healing.
  • Schedules and routines can be healing.
  • Pushing yourself a little more each day can be healing.
  • Gratitude is healing.
  • Learning & education can be healing.
  • Breathing is healing.
  • Reducing negative thinking can be like tylenol.
  • Service to others can reduce emotional swelling (being puffed up with ego) like ibuprofin.
When you need to love yourself:
  • Pamper yourself.
  • Get your physical needs met.
  • Allow rest, work and play.
  • Beautify your environment.
  • Daily devotionals to borrow love from God, if you don't have any for yourself.
  • Don't say mean things to yourself!
  • Say nice things to yourself... affirmations: I am a good person. I have worth. My body is a miracle of science. There are so many beautiful things about me.
What else? How do you show yourself love and healing? I know it's squeamish for some people to talk about, but it's reality. We all need to receive love & healing from our own selves. Because who else is going to do it if you don't?


Ryan and Staci said...

Those are all great ideas to show "love" to yourself. We are having a good time settling into our new place and really are liking the east coast. Everyone has been so nice and helpful! Hopefully in the near future we will make it up your way if Ryan's school schedule permits. :)

flem-fam said...

This is a great post, Natalie! I really enjoyed it. You could make it into a whole RS lesson!

JJ said...

Totally agree, this SHOULD BE a lesson! Thanks for posting both lists!