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Monday, August 25, 2008

Husband Appreciation Week

Things around here have started falling apart left and right. Not too long ago, we noticed the freezer was working fine, but the refrigerator was getting less & less cool, almost room temperature! Chris took apart the refrigerator wiring panel 3 times, bought different parts for it and finally fixed it. Intermittently, he defrosted the darn thing every 2 weeks until he found out what was wrong!

The fridge had barely started working again when we noticed some wetness on the carpet in a really random place on the carpet in front of our furnace. Since our kids walk around with water bottles and often spill (and one even pees sometimes) all over the place, we cleaned it up and dismissed it until we realized it came back in the same place the next day.

After some phone calls consulting with Chris’ dad, Master Handyman, he tracked it down to a clogged drain in our air conditioning unit. I know I’m not explaining it right, but apparently, our air conditioning has a pipe of water connected to it that it uses to cool the air. This was clogged, and overflowed out to the carpet. I never knew there was a water pipe anywhere near the furnace. Go figure.

You wouldn’t even believe what a project fixing this was. It involved borrowing plumbing equipment and pretty much wasting an entire Saturday taking apart vents and ducts and sawing plastic pipes and sealing them back up again. (We had Loren Alred helping him- what an angel- he loaned us the plumbing snake, got just as dirty, and gave his whole Saturday to it, too.) I think I even saw Chris’ sander out for some reason. What an ordeal. Our house was a disaster.

But I’m so grateful. Because if it weren’t for Chris’ willingness to really get in there, get dirty and figure out how to fix it, I’m sure we would be out a bazillion dollars for a professional plumber to come out. And you may or may not know from sad experience, that it is as hard to trust a plumber as it is a used car salesman or car mechanic. No offense to anyone in these professions, but this has been my experience.

Speaking of car mechanics, we have car problems right now, too. The “Check Engine” light has been on, and so to top off his not-so-fun Saturday, he stopped by the auto-parts store and picked up some spark plugs and wires. This will be his evening activity tonight. I’ll keep you posted on whether Chris can conquer the car problems, too!

After a long day Saturday, he stretched out on the couch to hopefully get a few minutes relaxation, and SNAP, went a mouse trap under our stove. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris to the rescue again. Because you would be SADLY MISTAKEN if you thought I would sometimes be the one to take care of things like that.

It makes me want to call tomorrow and double our life insurance policy. What would I ever do without him? It would be expensive to have to pay people to come to your rescue like that again and again. It makes me wonder if sometimes we have weeks like this so that I don’t take him for granted. He is the best husband in the world.


Michele said...

Cute Chris. He deserves a gold star. Sometimes it's things like your week that remind us to be grateful. Sometimes I get urked with "my duties" like cooking, cleaning, etc. while taking for granted that it's Corbin who changes the high light bulbs, replaces the batteries in the watches and car remotes, fixes the sprinklers, etc. Although we do cross "duties" occassionally, it seems in our family that we tend to take charge of the things at which we are most adept.

Jen Cardon said...

Hey--my "Check Engine Light" came on a while back too. We checked the fuses, and that didn't work. It was some obscure part that had to be replaced. And, after I replaced it, I had to do all these funny things to break it in. Like drive 2 miles, come to a complete stop without using the break, then, start again, driving for 20 minutes, and going no more than 55 mph. So, if you end up at the mechanics, ask if you have to do anything special to break it in. And, way to go Chris--the super handyman!

Annie said...

yeah when is the awards ceremony, we will be there. what a week!!!

Lisa T. said...

Chris is so awesome! I loved when he, Jen, and I were roommates at Grandma's house for a short time. He always maintained such a positive attitude. I never heard him complain about anything, but always just did what needed to be done. He was a good example to me. I miss him!