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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blog Pitch

Some of you know I have another blog. And those who don't may wonder why I don't give updates on my kids more often. Well, the updates are at this blog most of the time. And I've been using it as a place to post pictures of vacations or occasionally just what we're up to type stuff. If you subscribe to Something Beautiful or Humorous, you'll probably want to subscribe to Eli and Mia's Virtual Scrapbook, as well. I end up putting just as much time in to making little videos or posts about the kids, etc.

Not that I don't talk about my kids on this blog sometimes. But it's more of an editorial & not so much a description of how we're doing. And that's important too. So feel free to check it out from time to time.

Note: Embarrassingly, I did plug Eli & Mia's blog a while back, and then shortly thereafter, I temporarily abandoned it for a while. But it now has a new look and I've been trying to post frequently over there, because the posts are more simple. I was on an every day streak for a while there. Not to get the expectations up so much, but check it out. :)



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