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Friday, August 29, 2008

Activity Day Girls: The Sacarment Ordinance

We made bread on the 58 minute cycle in my bread machine using this recipe. (If you try that link, scroll down for whole wheat bread recipe) We got permission from the Young Men's President to have our bread used for the sacrament ordinance the next Sunday. (I'm sticking it in my freezer in the interim to keep it fresh.)

The girls prepared FHE kits to teach their families about the importance of the Sacrament.

Materials needed:
Colored simple 2 pocket folders to keep the lesson in
Clear plastic overhead projector sheets, 1 for each girl
1 Dry erase marker for each girl
1 sandwich size ziplock bag for each girl

Copies to make or print out:
1 FHE Lesson Agenda for each girl
1 of Pictures of Savior Instituting Sacrament for each girl
1 Sacrament Questions for each girl
2 copies of Sacrament tray for each girl (one copied on white paper and one copied on gray paper)

Allow the girls to review the FHE lesson with you as they prepare it. They will need to color the pictures of the Savior Instituting the Sacrament, put the appropriate scripture on the back of each one, and be familiar with the scripture and its meaning. They will also need to cut out the sacrament cups from the white paper, put the numbers 1-8 on the back, then put them in their ziplock bags. They can also label the front of their folders with their name & the name of the FHE lesson & decorate away, if they want.

Treat: (idea from Primary Partners Faith in God We Love Activity Days) Promise Pudding. I just bought snack size puddings for them. We talked about the promises we make at baptism, renewed when we take the sacrament.


Christin said...

Tack så jättemycket för dina fina kommentarer! Ja, jag brukar titta på Projekt Runway, men jag tycker att de är så elaka mot varandra. Nej, jag tror inte att jag är redo för det än, men någon gång hoppas jag på att nå så långt. Jag provad dina Swedish Almond Pastry...Sååå goda! De hamnar i receptpärmen:)

Dianah said...

I do have to say that the bread tasted really good. Good job girls!

Natalie C. said...

Dianah, It's so funny, because during the sacrament, my husband and I could hear this total conversation going on behind us: "Hey, this bread tastes really good! It's whole wheat! It tastes homemade!" We were totally cracking up. I think like 5 people mentioned to me that they liked the bread.