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Friday, August 1, 2008

Activity Day Girls- Honoring Your Parents

We had a pool party & BBQ at the beginning of the month, then we had a real simple activity last week about honoring your parents and being kind to your family. Most of the time was spent making cookies for the girls to bring home as a surprise to their families. Then they each wrote a letter to their families saying good things about each member and thanking their parents. They LOVE to be artistic, and I had them bring their own stickers & stationery, and they went to town making the letters beautiful. While we were waiting for the cookies to bake, I printed out this article, and we read it together. We had a little role play with me starring as the sassy, mouthy daughter, and we talked about how it's ok to feel angry or frustrated for a moment at their parents, but it will pass & the truth is they really love them! I told them they could roll their eyes at their parents, but only where their parents couldn't see them. :)

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Amy Lynn said...

I'm an activity days leader as well! I work with the 9-10 year old girls and I love this activity! Now that I know someone who is fabulously creative, I'll be picking your brain alot in the future! (I especially like the part where it is OK to roll their eyes...just not where it can be seen. I'm going to pass that little kernel of truth on to my own kids. Didn't know a 3-year old could start rolling her eyes so early...)