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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Honor of Matchy-Matchy Foo-Foo and being a Schlumpadinka

Thank you so much everyone, for your encouraging comments about Myra! If you haven't chimed in, I'd still love to hear your opinions. Did I ever mention I enjoy comments on this blog? I liked getting into the story and writing it for this blog, but I don't know where that came from. No guarantees there will ever be decent content on the blog again. :) After the heaviness of the last 4 posts about Myra (she's practically a celebrity in the blog world, now,) I needed some shallowness.

I wanted to post about some things that have had me doing the Happy Dance all summer. I hesitated since summer is already well underway. But finally, today's Oprah's Schlumpadinka Makeover re-run along with the summer sales that are going on now inspired me to finally do it. By the way, I think it should totally be in the Mom Code of Conduct that we can never judge each other when we look like Schlumpadinkas. It happens to the best of us. But all the more celebration & sharing & passing along necessary when we find cute stuff that makes us happy & makes us look & feel great.

Natalie's Summer Picks '08

1. Miraclesuit!!!!!!!!!!!! Skinny people, just go to number 2. I never understood swimsuits with skirts before I was pregnant. Now, I'm kind of relieved that it's not taboo to wear one when you're not pregnant. They have so many cute swim skirts that go with tankinis or different cute swim tops at Target. I got my Miraclesuit at Nordstrom. It was worth every penny. It's nice not to have to feel so miserable about how I looked at the pool. By the way, they have Miraclesuits without skirts, too. The concept of the suit is that it sucks you in really well like Spanx or something. It works really well.

2. Sassari & Cypress Crocs!!!!!!!!! Yes, I said CROCS!!! As in usually it's an ugly garden clog, but this time, you're getting away with the comfort of it all, but in red high heels! They also have a 3 inch WEDGE heel that I love. Love, love, love. At the beginning of the summer I bought 3 pairs in different colors.

3. I am loving this NARS brand lip gloss. You'll have to click on the link to find out the name of the color I like because I don't want to attract THAT kind of traffic to my website, if you know what I mean. But I first bought it because I have a hard time finding lip color that I like, and someone said this color was used by makeup artists for all types of people with all different colorings, and it was made to look good on everyone, type thing. It sounded like the type of thing I would like, probably a pretty natural look, and I was right. I love it. Also, the consistency is SO MUCH BETTER than lip gloss you buy at the drug store. The drug store stuff seems to go on clear, no matter what the color, then it just comes off so easily. This stuff actually feels like it's staying in place, not sliding off my lips.

4. You know how I posted about our family having an official taste test a while ago? Well, I feel like I've been unofficially doing that with moisturizers and cleansers. The marketing & packaging just GET ME!!! I'm exactly who they are trying to sell to, and it's working. I've been so confused what kind to get. I've tried expensive and I've tried cheap. I've read books & internet articles, and I'm no clearer. But I'll tell you what brand I've been really impressed with this summer: Neutrogena. I like this cleanser, this night cream, this daily moisturizer (I'm a real recent convert to all this SPF!! But if they put a little bronzer in there, I'm sold!) and this stuff to take off mascara. It's times like this I wish I had a million viewers on this blog so Neutrogena would pay me money and give me free products. The best thing about my Neutrogena obsession is that you can get it all from the grocery store! Nothing will break the bank. I've just been CONSISTENTLY impressed. Also, it's a blessing that a lot of the anti-aging technology is now common enough to be used by mass manufacturers so we all can get it so easily.

5. This is the coolest thing ever. I had found these cool water bottles that held 64 ounces of water, so you could just tote around your whole day's worth of water & always know how close you were getting. Well, I went through 3 of those stupid jugs, because they cracked and started leaking so easily. I need something I can drop and bump and bang. This thing is awesome. It's made out of more durable plastic that doesn't leach chemicals into your water and can go in the dishwasher. It even has a freezable part that goes inside to keep your water cold all the time.

6. I know 6 isn't a very round number, but I just had to link to one more thing. Target has the cutest handbags, ever. Oh ok, you could probably find something much cuter & designer blah blah blah. Which I may be converted to if our income ever quadruples. But this thing is $9.99!!!!!!!! They have all different designs and they hold a surprising TON of stuff. I should have probably bought several. And this is where the matchy-matchy-foo-foo comes in. The style right now, which I love, is to not wear the same color bag as shoes as earings as shirt as necklace, etc. But to wear a few different brights against a solid or neutral and have a couple different popping contrasts. So I love the fact that I can wear a black dress, a turquoise necklace, my red Croc high heels, and have a green purse. How much fun is that? Like I said, go to Target and buy a few of them for your different outfits.

Keep cool and fashionable. Avoid being a schlumpadinka! You'll feel so much better about yourself! :) I hope you're all having a great summer.


Cunningham Blog said...

I'll have to give Neutrogena a try! My skin needs HELP!

April Cobb said...

I love to hear about people's great finds. Thanks. And I have been using Neutrogena for a while. I have a good friend, an older womam who happens to have studied skin care in school. I asked what company's products have the least harmful stuff in them and will do the most good for my skin. She said Neutrogena, hands down. Even over the department store brands. how's that?

The monkey bunch said...

I am afraid that I definitely am a schlumpadinka and a matchy, matchy foo person. I don't do style so well. I am much too much of a tom boy. And I have never understood multiple purses. I would go out without having something important, if I kept changing the purse I was carrying! See what I mean- tom boy written all over me.