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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The True Meaning of Chivalry

Can you all tolerate another post about poop and pee?

Ever since Chris and I became close, I've thought that one of the coolest things about him is his determination to be kind and gentlemanly to me. And it's gone much farther than just opening a car door. He and I have decided that chivalry has to make the damsel in distress' life easier, not more inconvenient. Why would I want to wait an extra couple of minutes for a gentleman to come around and open my door? Or what about "ladies first"-- why would I want to go up the stairs before a guy if I was wearing a skirt? Or even going into an awkward situation. Why doesn't the brave man go first? Make sense? And similarly, Chris has kept an open mind towards the traditional roles of men and women. For example men don't HAVE to always drive. Men don't have to always hold the remote control. Women don't always have to cook, and men can take care of kids and even change diapers! True chivalry is about making the woman more comfortable and happy.

I admit living in this bubble may have made me a little spoiled. My perception is that most women with kids my age are not phased too much by cleaning up poop and pee anymore, but actually, I am still freaked out by it. But can you blame me when I'm married to such a great guy? Plus my kids are supposed to be potty trained by now & I thought I was done with this!*

My sweet husband has been willingly changing EVERY single one of my kids' diapers nights and weekends & whenever he's home- and even in restaurants or at church! So he really truly WOULD have taken my little daughter out of sacrament meeting today after she POOPED IN HER UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But unfortunately he was saying the closing prayer right when this emergency was going on.

So it was just me & Mia (and a church bathroom full of about 20 women,) and the poop was getting EVERYWHERE! As I was trying to get the poopy underwear off, it was smearing on the toilet, her legs, and her lacy white church socks. When I finally got her undressed and on the toilet, don't ask me how this happened, but she started peeing HORIZONTALLY and spraying all over me and the bathroom floor.

Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Other moms get far fewer breaks from this type of thing. I was channeling June Cleaver. The REAL June Cleaver who we never saw on TV, but who surely cooked, cleaned, wiped up poop and throw up, then went and fixed her lipstick in the reflection of her sparkling clean kitchen appliances. Do not yell at Mia. You don't want 20 Mormon Women listening to you lose it!!!

And right about then, as I was wrapping the poopy underwear in toilet paper to throw away in the diaper pail, I hear a knock on my stall, "Natalie Cardon?" I opened to a friend with a pull-up and wet wipes in hand! "Chris said you might need these!" Hallelujah! Truly- how many times in my mothering life have wetwipes saved the day? And that little gesture from my chivalrous knight gave me the extra strength I needed to calmly clean everything up & more importantly, keep my relationship with my daughter intact.

In short, true chivalry doesn't just rescue women, it can rescue families and bring delight and joy into a marriage. I hope we can all be a little more like that. This feminist definitely needs to take a lesson from that round table and don that armor, helmet and lance a little more often.

Sir Chris, thanks for putting up with me and loving me like I need to be loved.

*Except for Friday when I was clearly NOT done with it. Mia had to go to the bathroom and little trouble-maker-Eli told her to go out and pee on the back porch. And of course she DID. Oh there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Cardon household.


Dianah said...

I can't say how good of a husband you have!! I hope that every husband can take lessons from Chris. I have tried to establish things in our marriage, like he changing the diapers when he's with the kids, but things don't happen over night right? I'll have to send Michael over for a little lesson on true chivalry.

Michele said...

I think that the lesson here is clear--don't let your husband accept an assignment to offer the prayer. That way, you won't ever have to deal with poopy pants at church and Chris will be an even bigger hero.

Sorry about the mess. I feel your pain.

Annie said...

if it's any consolation, i had no idea you two were even IN the bathroom until she came in with the wipes for you (i guess that either means that i am clueless or you guys were much more discreet than you thought!) so sad you got peed on at church and sorry i wasn't more perceptive to your dilemma - i am the poop-cleaning expert :)

JJ said...

Okay, Nat, what a story! And I love your thoughts on chivalry! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa T. said...

Natalie, what a funny story! I am so sorry you had to go through that. But thanks for sharing. It made me laugh. I'm sure I'll pay for my laughter. I still have one who has yet to be potty trained.