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Thursday, June 26, 2008

June Weddings

My poor mom & George flew home from Germany for a 2 week break from their LDS mission in Germany, saw my sister get married in Idaho then not only hosted a beautiful reception at their home for her, but George's daughter, Krista also got married 2 days later, and the wedding was at their home. They were exhausted!!!! A mission never seemed so restful in comparison!

Not to mention all the doctor's appointments and home emergencies they dealt with. Off the top of my head, they had weevils in their pantry and had to do a big extermination, during which my mom fell off the ladder (again! This time no broken bones, though!-- a year or 2 ago she fell off a ladder & broke her ankle!) They had a roof leak in their garage, and their deck had started to sink & both had to be repaired. Both my mom and George were sick through all this. My mom was so sick she had to go to the doctor to get anti-biotics!

I never knew how hard people worked to put on my wedding reception held at my aunt Jean's house. For these 2 recent weddings, I decided to "pay it backward" and served as impromptu staff and helped with all the food and clean-up. It sure wasn't much, though. I wish I could have done more to take the stress off mom & George.


Dana Broderick said...

wow! sounds busy! your mom and her husband sound amazing!

As far as piano goes, I used a keyboard even though Audrey's piano teacher constantly told all of us that we needed a REAL piano (who has a real piano in NYC?) I thought it worked well. Audrey got used to the difference of home and lessons. It wasn't a big deal. Suzuki piano is amazing! I would recommend it if you are thinking of piano lessons for Eli.

Natalie C. said...

Wow! That's the first time I've ever deleted a comment! Don't worry. It was just random spam. (How'd they get through with the character identification filter?) Oh well.

JJ said...

Sounds like you had quite a month...but how fun to get to see your mom!

April Cobb said...

And it was awesome to spend some time with you. I am glad that most of us only have to get married once. What a lot of work!