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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Times

I grew up thinking I had been switched at birth... with my cousin, Mendee! She is the blond, second from the right. Her mom, Jean, (far right) has some blond highlights now, but growing up, she was a dark brunette, and my mom was blond. She and my mom and their two daughters did a lot together & everyone would assume I belonged to Jean & Mendee belonged to my mom.

Bonnie (far left,) my mom & Jean all 3 hung out a lot growing up, actually. Bonnie taught school & had off during the summers. So the three of them would meet at the tennis courts, run some laps, then play some games of tennis. (How fun does that sound?? I wish my sisters & I could do that right now!!!!) Us kids would have a blast making up our own games & fun things to do while they hung out. It would often end in a shopping trip, going out to lunch & possibly a sleepover for the cousins.

Karlie (second from the left) is also Mendee's daughter. I adopted her as a little sister when I lived with Jean for a summer after I graduated from college, before I got my first "real job" with Senator Hatch in D.C. Karlie taught me the cool TV shows to watch (Friends, Seinfeld & E.R. at the time) and I taught her how to email & I.M.

I'm so blessed to have such a great extended family!

My mom (right) & her two sisters.

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