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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Activity Day Girls Recognition Night

We had a recognition night for our Activity Day Girls called "Tickets for Toppings." It was an ice cream social where they had to work for a few months on their Faith in God achievements and Articles of Faith and for each that they passed off, they got a ticket for an ice cream topping (we came up with 15 toppings, but if you can't think of that many, just visit an ice cream store where they have everything imaginable from gummy bears to crushed up Oreos). We invited the parents as well, and the invitation was in the shape of a ticket. (I don't know why, but girls 8-11 years old love tickets!) We had the parents spotlight each girl and tell us why she was special and unique, then we played "People Bingo" (find people in the room with different qualities to get Bingo.) At the end, I gave them these bags with Daughter of a King and I Am A Child of God stickers, bookmarks, and zipper-pulls. The front of the bag says, "I am an exceptional and beautiful daughter of God. Our differences, uniqueness and individuality are like the toppings and sprinkles that can make life seem more flavorful."

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