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Monday, May 26, 2008

Historic U Street

Saturday we went into D.C. and visited the African American Civil War Museum & Monument (see the kids in soldier costumes & playing the drums? The monument is way in the background of one of the pictures behind the metro escalator... we couldn't get up close because of a Memorial Day ceremony going on) and some other cool things on historic U Street (according to the D.C. tourism website, it's "celebrated for nurturing national and international leaders in civil rights, law, science, and the arts.") Ben's Chili Bowl stayed open through the civil rights riots of the 60s, and is a cool place to eat just thinking about what history went on right there.


Angie said...

Cute Kids!

Kenny and Linsey said...

oh, I miss Ben's Chili Bowl - what a fun day!

Ry and Staci said...

You will have to show us all around DC when we come out there! We will be few states away in less than 2 months now....crazy!!