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Monday, May 19, 2008

Fiesta FHE

Recently, being inspired by this post, our family had a SALSA taste test. Salsa is a staple in both our snacking and cooking, and I'm always a bit confused in the grocery store as to which brand tastes best, is healthiest, and of course, cheapest would be a factor. While we could probably blow the competition away with a homemade version, this happens rarely, so we decided to find out once and for all which store-bought brand our family prefers.

We each tasted 8 different brands ranging from "no-name" or store brand to organic.* The least expensive was Bloom ("no name"/store brand) at $0.11 per ounce, and the most expensive was DL Jardine's at $0.34 per ounce. To keep the playing field even, they were all "mild," which is what our family prefers. As for the "healthy" comparison, none of the brands contained MSG, and the only other thing that set them apart were the 3 brands with "organic" on the label. I numbered the bowls 1-8 and everyone voted for their favorite prior to revealing which brand was which. For my turn, Chris switched things around so it would be a truly blind taste test for me, too.

And the winner is.............

Four members of our family voted for four different salsas. (Of course!) Mia voted for Eat Smart brand, which basically tastes like ketchup (she was the only one who voted for an organic brand.) Eli voted for Enrico's. Chris voted for Chi Chi's brand (his criteria was that it should taste like lime & cilantro but he didn't vote for 2 brands that specifically had "lime & cilantro" on their labels... interesting!...). I voted for Green Mountain Gringo because I liked that I could taste a strong cumin spice flavor.

So there you have it. And I guess you know which brand our family will be eating from now on, since I do most of the grocery shopping. :)

Here are some recipes we used afterwards for Salsa Soup, Salsa, Chicken & Rice Casserole, and a Crockpot Mexican Dish.

Ideas for the next taste test? I was thinking apples, breakfast cereal, or microwave popcorn.

* Eat Smart, Amy's, Muir Glen, Bloom, Ortega, Chi Chi's, Taco Bell, Green Mountain Gringo, DL Jardine's, and Enrico's, if you really want to know.


Scribbit said...

I hate to say it but my favorite salsa came from a restaurant here in town that actually had great, authentic, inexpensive Mexican food (where are you going to find that?) Then they went out of business adn I've been salsa lacking ever since.

The Domestic Goddess said...

I love this blog! It's great. We'll have to do our own taste testing!!!

The monkey bunch said...

What a fun idea! I had to print a few recipes- not so healthy, but they sound great and maybe I can make them a little more healthy. Of course, then they wouldn't taste as good either.

Angie said...

Mmm Salsa...I'm wanting chips and salsa now.

Natalie C. said...

Yeah, we had a break from the healthy cooking, definitely, by using those recipes. We were just trying to use up salsa ASAP & you just can't have it all! But cut me some slack. I think it was the first time I used cream of mushroom soup in months and months and months.