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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yearly Update

I have had a sporadic journal habit throughout my lifetime. Every once in a while, I love to flip back one year ago and see what I was doing & thinking. A lot of times it gives me some perspective & satisfaction that I've progressed in some way. Also, it's just entertaining to learn what I was dealing with at that time that I have forgotten about. Now that I've had a blog more than a year, I have that record to check back with, in addition to the regular journal I keep & also my gratitude journal.

Just for fun, here's a little comparison with Spring 2007 and Spring 2008:

Gratitude Journal 2007- A funny anecdote I had forgotten. I had recorded in my journal that I lost a diamond in my wedding ring & was really happy I had a warranty to get that fixed. I also got my ipod fixed during that same time. I was thankful for warranties! This spring, I've just been thankful for little things that Chris or my kids have done, or stuff that's gotten checked off the "To Do" list.

Blog 2007- Insomnia! Something leftover from hormonal imbalance chaos after Mia was born. I've had it for 3 years! 2008 update: It's gone!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!! Last fall, I googled the sleeping medication I was on, and the long term side effects were not good at all. I had gotten so discouraged by going to doctors & even 2 sleep centers to get help, and they were basically like, "I can't do anything for you. All we can do is keep giving you one medicine after another, and you're basically running out of options." Finally, I decided to try herbal Valerian Root, and it worked! It was just as powerful as the prescription sleeping medicine. I noticed I was tired in the mornings, so I cut back on the dosage little by little until soon I didn't need anything! And still today I'm doing well! At this same time (also last fall), I downloaded a podcast that was a guided relaxation/meditation. I use those techniques all the time now when my mind is racing at night when I'm trying to sleep. YAY!!!!!!!! I have my circadian rhythms back!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Journal 2007- Well, it's been a year since I realized the urgency of getting my physical & emotional health in order. I'm so happy to say I've made progress in both those areas! Yay! I'm about 12 pounds lighter, which is great. (Not the greatest, but still great.) I AM capable of progress. And I won't give up. I'm sure I'll be working on those things the rest of my life, so I better learn to have fun with it, too. I'm not sure how to do that, except to just pretend. "Woo hoo! Recording my weight watchers points is so fun! Yahoo!"

Where were you in your life last year at this time?


The monkey bunch said...

How fun! I need to look back soon. Unfortunately, I think I was a lot happier. I think I will wait a little while and then check back!

Shelly Astle said...

Congratulations to you, Natalie, on sleeping and backing off medication. That is a huge accomplishment. You should be so proud of your progress.