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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sorry, this blog is a mom blog & it contains the word "poop" a lot!!

This blog has many purposes. But one of them for me is definitely to try and laugh a LITTLE after I've had horrible motherhood episodes. Or just to vent the raw details of an episode without managing any humor, just to beg for moral support and commiseration. I think this post will fall under the category of the latter type of posting.

Mia is giving me so much grief with her potty training. She does so well when someone is forcing her to go to the bathroom on a regular schedule. But if we leave it up to her, pee and poo all over her legs doesn't bother her. Or she will strategically wait until naptime or bedtime to do it in a pull-up. So my husband thought it would help the cause to buy really cheap pull-ups that don't keep you dry & cause rashes. Then she'll prefer the toilet, right? Wrong. Monday morning, I woke up to antibiotic-induced diarrhea all over her and all over the bedsheets because these lovely cheap pull-ups leak like crazy. Tuesday, she peed her pants after school while playing in the backyard. Why? Why? Why? Why? I know she gets it. So why doesn't she get it? I've probably read enough parenting books to know the answer to this, but remind me. (!!!???) On Wednesday morning, (this morning), I was greeted by another poopy pull-up, and to make the morning even poopier, Eli got poop on his bedroom carpet! He had gone to the bathroom, but not wiped. Then he was sitting on the ground putting underwear on, and... you know the rest. (Is this typical boy behavior or kid behavior in general to try and get out of any type of hygiene? I have had to be a big nag about washing hands each time, or he will try to get out of it. So add wiping to the list of things to now nag about.)

Tantrums and unnecessary poop clean-up have always been huge triggers for my anxiety & depression and I'm fighting with that now. But no, I don't hate being a mom. I love this blog entry from my friend, Lisa, that gives a balanced perspective on that type of thing. I'm sure I'll have some small victories with them in the near future that will make me forget all about these poopy days.


Collie and Zach said...

Oh wow! How I dread the potty training stage. Eventually she will get it. Good Luck!

Dana Broderick said...

The word "Poop" Doesn't faze me anymore. Mia just got potty trained and it was a messy time so I'm feeling for you! She'll get it! keep the faith! :)

The Domestic Goddess said...

Awesome blog. I love it, only because I totally understand. I am going to have to post a blog about it!

Natalie C. said...

See, part of my despair is that it's not like she just went into underwear yesterday. I was patient with all the accidents at first, but it's been since Christmas that she switched to underwear, and she's just not getting it. I know this will all pass eventually.

Michele said...

I laughed pretty hard reading this. It's all so true and so familiar. I thought Matthew was the only one who was anti-potty training. Every week at the grocery store, I keep thinking how much I could have saved that week if I wasn't buying diapers. I'm cheap and won't buy Pull-Ups because I know he's going in his pants anyway so I might as well get twice as many for the price! And when he does go poo on the potty (usually after we've chased him from under the table) there is poo everywhere and the toilet, floor and him all need a wash down. Someday this will be funny just like our dates from single years.