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Friday, March 28, 2008

A new thing happened to me. Someone I don't know tagged me. So hey, what the heck. I love making new friends in the blogosphere. It was kind of interesting to think about my answers for these. I'm tagging all of you. Since no one has thus far written their list of compliments for themselves, which I still want to see, feel free to write up your answers to these questions below, instead!

8 Things I’m Passionate About
  1. Dance. Watching it, doing it... all of it!!!
  2. A Public Health Care system for our country (see the bottom of my side bar)
  3. Taking care of your mind & body
  4. Commitment to the gospel
  5. Protecting my kids from all that's evil out there
  6. Not ever being ignorant
  7. Being indignant about rude people
  8. Do you really have to write 8? It kind of dilutes all that passion, you know?
8 Things I Say Often
(=an awareness of how much I nag)
  1. "Yep, Mm hmm. Interesting." (to my chatterbox 3 year old)
  2. "What time will you be home?" (to Chris who is working a lot of overtime!)
  3. "Do not fight!!!!!!!" (to guess who and guess who)
  4. Lately: "Ouch! It hurts to laugh- it makes me cough!!"
  5. "Maybe if you eat a good dinner." (can I have Easter candy?)
  6. "Did you wash your hands?"
  7. "Get your seatbelt on."
  8. "Do you want to go to time out?"
8 Books I’ve Read Recently
If you want to know, be my friend on Good Reads (I love Good Reads!!)

8 Things To Do Before I Die
  1. See my kids go to the temple
  2. Lose weight (pathetic, but when I die, I don't want it to be because I never lost weight.)
  3. Hopefully see my kids succeed in every important way.
  4. Enjoy all the stages of my kids' lives.
  5. Maybe go on a mission with my husband.
  6. Find out one day why my patriarchal blessing said I'd enjoy the career of law.
  7. Get out of debt completely & own a single family home in a beautiful neighborhood.
  8. Go with my husband on a vacation to a tropical island paradise.
8 Things I Could Listen To Over and Over Again
  1. Waves at the beach.
  2. Pachelbel's Canon
  3. Chris "serenading" me :)
  4. My kids singing primary songs
  5. My mom, brother & sisters' voices on the phone
  6. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing sung by a choir at the direction of Mac Wilburg
  7. A baby with the giggles
  8. The sounds you hear in the mountains or maybe near a remote lake.

8 Things That Attract Me To My Friends
  1. Ability to admit you're not perfect & actually embrace it
  2. Sense of humor & desire to laugh, laugh, laugh about every day situations
  3. They think I'm hilarious (very important!)
  4. Common interests & mutual admiration
  5. Being candid and upfront
  6. Loving a good deal of shallow stuff that I like, as well, like TV, or fashion
  7. Reaching out to me
  8. Good character/similar views of the gospel, morals, etc.
8 Things I Learned In The Last Year
  1. I can't be everything to everybody
  2. I'm better at yardwork than Chris
  3. Some callings in the church are more demanding than others
  4. I have to work harder to take care of my health
  5. Kids grow up fast
  6. I'm more like my mom than I ever knew
  7. Wrinkles are a bad thing, sunscreen is a good thing
  8. This election cycle, I'm not much of a republican.
8 Things I'm Grateful For
  1. Antibiotics!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Sir Alexander Fleming, who invented penicillin in 1928! What a lot of lives he has saved. If I were a pioneer, I would be dead right now. Based on what I went through last week with a lung infection, I feel like I could almost imagine what dying from that would be like.
  2. A comfortable bed that I slept in all last week, trying to recover.
  3. Chris' help while I was sick. He is a FANTASTIC husband. He's such a blessing.
  4. Book suggestions from the Children's Literature Association of Utah. We've read quite a few from their picture book award nominees. They have all been so fantastic!
  5. My Activity Days activity went well! For those of you who want to know, we made homemade pretzels ("homemade" via a kit from Auntie Anne's). We talked about prayer, how pretzels symbolized arms folded for prayer. The missionaries stopped by and talked about prayer with the girls, and how they talked to people every day about getting answers to their prayer.
  6. Seeing these everywhere. It is so cheery. (For those of you not from here, there are little fields of them by the sides of the roads & all over the islands in between the freeways.) We are also starting to see lots of these.
  7. Lots of very sweet friends, near & far.
  8. Healthy, beautiful kids.


Anonymous said...

Please,please answer! I am in DC today and tomorrow and I would love to see you. Granted, I never write but I think of you and even peek in on your blog. We are going to Arlington today and the zoo on Sunday afternoon I believe. Can we hook up?
Call me at 317-919-6732.

Love, Claire Hawkins

Dianah said...

Natalie. You have such a good sense of humor! I love your list of things you say too often. I find myself saying the same things over and over again. You have such a good outlook on life. Dianah

April Cobb said...

I loved reading it. But I have to say that I can't take the time to accept your tag. My house is a mess. And it is always a mess. I can't believe you have anonymous fans that want to visit you when they come to town. I don't even think my friends want to visit me when they come to town. I must say though that Natalie is worth going out of your way to meet. But if you want to meet her, you have to prove that you are not going to be some psycho-ax murderer who preys on domestic cool mom bloggers. The internet can be a scary thing.

Natalie C. said...

April- LOL!!

Oh I have to explain- the person who tagged me, I don't know. But she is an LDS mom from TX who writes a funny blog.

But the anonymous person in town that wanted to visit me is actually my friend, Claire from high school! We did see her and it was great. I haven't seen her since college. She's so funny- not that technological, so she probably should have emailed me instead of the comment, but that was just easier, so there you go. Funny!!