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Friday, March 14, 2008

I am a princess on the way to my throne

A Whole Lot of Monkey Business wrote a post about taking compliments to heart and writing down a handful of things you like about yourself. I think this is an awesome challenge- I would love to see this on all my friends' blogs! In Debby's words, "if not for you, for your daughter's sake." We don't want our daughters or friends, nieces, our primary girls, young women or anyone you influence to feel it's the right thing to do to bash ourselves and discount all the compliments we receive.

Here's another thought I had about it: I remember growing up and having those normal teenage times when I thought no one loved me. And I remember my mom telling me time and time again that she loved me and thought I was wonderful and beautiful. Why didn't I feel loved? Because I was bashing myself in my thoughts. I was saying, "You're not a good person because of the way you look." or "Because so and so was mean to me, it means I'm not a worthwhile human being. If I was, EVERYONE would think so. I'm not good enough to have popular friends, anyway." or "I made a mistake and now I have to hate myself."

I am trying to teach Mia to say, "GO ME!!!!!!!!" As much as I tell her she's beautiful, smart, kind and good, she won't believe those things unless she learns to tell them to herself.

I definitely need to step it up and be a better example. Those lying negative thoughts still creep in from time to time. Here are 5 Beautiful Things about me and 5 for my Beautiful Daughter, Mia.


  1. I am responsible. I very rarely drop the ball. It comes from being the oldest in my family. I was in 5th grade when my youngest sister was born & she slept in my room. I had to get up with her in the middle of the night & I also babysat her after school while my mom taught dance. But yes, give me a responsibility & I'll do it, even if it takes me a while, I'll do it & won't let myself off the hook.
  2. I'm a good teacher. I love to be enthusiastic about whatever I'm teaching. I love to study about whatever I'm teaching & I want all my "students" to get an A+. I like to feel out those I'm teaching & see what angle will resonate with them the most. I pour my heart into it. I have conviction.
  3. I know how to make a home beautiful. I try not to get obsessive, but when I put energy into it, I'm able to decorate and cook well, and make people feel happy & comfortable.
  4. Looking nice is important to me. I like my eyes, how they are light brown with a dark brown ring around them. They are big and fun to put make-up on. I like my hair. I'm blessed that it's thick and bouncy, and mostly obeys what I try to get it to do. I like my muscle tone. When I work on it, I develop muscle strength quickly. A few years ago I could do 50+ push-ups. My body is an amazing thing. It created 2 beautiful children. It accomplishes so much for me every day.
  5. My mind is beautiful. It thinks and thinks and studies and stores and soaks in all the information that I stuff in there. It's gotten me through more than 19 years of school, and it's hungry to constantly learn more. It helps me accomplish the work that I was put here to do. It helps me be loving and compassionate to others.
  1. She's curious & mischievous, but I think in the end it will serve her well. She's already observing a lot in the world and being a good learner. I've been with her in Sunday School a couple times and heard her give answers that I didn't know she knew. Good for her!
  2. She cares about others. Ms. Jean, her preschool teacher says she comes up to her several times a day and says, "Ms. Jean, I love you." She has said some tender and sweet things during our family prayer about each member of the family, that shows she is paying attention to others' well being. Pretty good for a 3-year-old, I think!
  3. She is graceful. With all the food throwing, and book ripping and trouble she gets in, it almost surprises me, but she's going to be our little dancer. When she dances with her Bella Dancerella video, she looks beautiful. She dances right along.
  4. She's got great fine motor skills. She is great at puzzles, legos, coloring, and all those types of things. It will be exciting where these skills will take her in the future.
  5. One thing Chris & I love, love, love about her right now is that she is cuddly! She is so generous with her hugs, and loves to sit cuddled up to us as we watch tv, or read our family scriptures. Touch is so healing sometimes. We're so lucky to have that from her.
One final thing. I LOVE the words to this song, Wunderkind by Alanis Morissette. It's from the movie, Chronicles of Narnia, which I LOVE. (See this post of mine for more thoughts.)

Click on the play button directly below to listen to Wunderkind.


The monkey bunch said...

Good for you. I could never ever do 50 push ups. Maybe I will make it a goal. I definitely need some muscle tone!
That was a great list and a perfect explaination of what my sister-in-law was trying to get out there!

Rob and Jewls said...

I loved loved loved this blog post! You really are a beautiful and talented woman, Natalie! GO YOU! I, too, need to teach Carys the phrase, "Go ME!" Very inspiring! -Julie

April Cobb said...

that is so cool You have way more things to love yourself for too. You are a great listener, you are a great singer, you have a great ability to take the past and learn lessons from it. You are inspiring to your friends, you have many ways of living the good life without spending a ton of money. You always share what you have and express compliments to others.You are genuinely happy for your friends' successes. You have a great sense of style. I could go on and on. Here's to Nat and to her "mini-me," Mia!

Michele said...

Great idea. Why is it that we always get down on ourselves? Well, no more. Go all of us!

Jenny said...

I was sitting at the park the other day and a little girl came out of nowhere and joined our little picnic. Most articulate little 2 year old I have ever met! Anyway, in our little conversation she said "I'm special, God made me special" just matter of fact. It was so cute but then I started thinking "someone (probably her mom, grandma etc.) taught her that and I need to be teaching my kids that! So I did. I tell them all the time how much I love them, God loves them etc. but I think it's so important for them to know and understand that they are special! So now WE talk about how special they are and God created them so special etc.