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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Activity Day Girls

As a form of personal entertainment, I enjoy checking Statcounter and seeing what Google search terms land people on my blog. There are always some interesting ones. This particular week I ended up with people searching for "humorous sleeping people," "jiffy lube bump cap," "horton hears a hoo lesson plan," and "quest diagnostics errors." Hmmm. Sorry, I can't help you out too much in those areas, people. But the most common search term for a while has continually been, "lds activity day girls." And unfortunately, the searchers have landed on this post, and instead of activity day girls ideas, they only got the saga of my two tantruming kids and how I almost lost my sanity bringing them with me to my first ever activity.

So I thought I'd throw a post out there to help people out with a couple Activity Day Girls activities that actually WERE successful. I am REALLY enjoying my calling. And the first thing I'd say to Activity Day Girls leaders is that this book is really awesome. I've been in charge of 2 activities (ok 3 if you count the first disastrous one) and I've taken the ideas from this book & the girls have had a blast. In addition, we have decided to do a small activity surrounding an Article of Faith each time. Here's what we did for 2 of our activities.

I Am A Child of God Activity

The girls were so excited about singing it in Swedish! It really surprised me! They giggled & giggled, but they loved it. The other leader even pulled the bishop in from the hall so he could listen to them sing it. :)

My Baptismal Covenant Activity
  • Article of Faith #4 Picture Scramble
  • Read them this story from The Children's Friend about the sacrament helping us become clean again.
  • Talked to them about baptism's symbolism of making us clean, then we made soap! I brought molds to pour in the liquid glycerin soap, and they were able to choose their own color & glitter. Half of them did the soap making, and half of them discussed the page in Faith in God about their baptismal covenant. The goal was to memorize it, but it turned out to be a little much for them.
  • Then I had asked the missionaries to come & talk about how they teach & prepare investigators for baptism, but they DITCHED us! I still don't know what happened there. Maybe there was a transfer? It all turned out ok, though, because the soap making took up a lot of time.
  • For treat, we had birthday cupcakes for someone's birthday. I had prepared a little box with a bunch of little gifts (CTR ring, bookmark, stickers, etc. all LDS stuff I got at the LDS bookstore near our temple) & the birthday girl could pick one little gift to take home. We'll bring back the box for all the future birthdays. I don't know if I'll do cupcakes again, though, because interestingly, they decided to smear the bright colored frosting all over their faces. Nice!


April Cobb said...

You are brilliant AND service-oriented. Attention all activities days ladies... Nat's got it!!! Read up. Make soap, sing songs, and learn skills... maybe I should be going to activities days!

craftyashley said...

I am one of those searching the internet for Activity Days ideas. I'm so overwhelmed with this calling and feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I also have three small children and NO time! Thanks for the ideas!