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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sort of old news but this is what I looked like after taking the highlights out of my hair. I've had them for a long, time. Friends that have known me for a while will look at this and think it just looks like the normal me. Friends that have known me for a few years (the years of the highlights) think I look like a different person! (And it's not just because I played with the settings of our photo editing software... I couldn't just post a boring old photo without some artsy editing. I think this filter was called "backlit" or something like that.)

And since this is an "All About Natalie" post, I will give you a tag from Andrea that I actually filled out a long time ago, but it got tragically deleted. I never had the energy to re-do it until now because it came around to me again via email from different friends.

4 Jobs I’ve Had
Legislative Correspondent for Senator Hatch
Nordstrom Fashion Show Dresser & Personal Shopping Dept.
Graphic Designer
Law Clerk at so many places, but my favorite was probably for VA Child Support Enforcement

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Again
Planet Earth
The Polar Express
The 80s cult trio: Better Off Dead, Three Amigos, & Princess Bride
I END up watching kids' movies over & over- but my favorites are all the Pixar movies. (You know, Ratatouille, Nemo, Cars, etc.)

4 Places I Have Lived
San Diego, CA
Salt Lake City & Provo, UT
Belgium, Germany, Sweden & Finland

4 Places I Have Been

4 of My Favorite Foods
Lobster Ravioli with Cream Sauce
Chicken Korma, Mango Lassi & Naan bread from an Indian restaurant
All breads, cookies & pastries!!
Salsa Verde Carnitas with Guacamole

4 Places I Go Over and Over:
Multiple grocery stores
Gold's Gym

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
At a bakery inhaling pastries (I'm having a tough time with the WW right now!)
At an all-inclusive resort in a warm place
Holding my newborn niece, Zoey
At Best Buy with a $10,000 gift certificate

4 Things I Look Forward To In The Next Year
A vacation if I can talk Chris into it
Spending time at the pool during the summer
Family reunion in UT, if I can talk Chris into it
Losing weight if I can talk myself into it


The monkey bunch said...

You look great and I love the loose weight if I can talk myself into it bit. Isn't that so true! I have a hard time with that keeping at things that are hard and I find it is always the things I haven't properly talked myself into!

hanna said...

Tykkään tummasta tukasta, olet kuvassa ihan saman näköinen kuin kymmenen vuotta sitten! Nuori ja nätti : )

Natalie C. said...

Thank you, Debby & Hanna! :)

Collie and Zach said...

The belly comments have just started and I don't take to much offense to them, but for some reason when you are pregnant you feel like a heffer! I am abuot 5 a half months right now so crazy. I am sending you Josh's address right now. Thanks for the book suggestion! Also I am assuming Hillary had her baby? How is she? We don't really hear any news around here.

Angie said...

Yes, I like Brooke. She's not my fav tho. She is mormon from what I hear. She way cute too. How are you guys???

fourslys said...

Hair looks great to me! Of course, as you said, it looks "normal" to me but it's been a long time! I have to color mine this weekend. Three colors growing out is not attractive and I'm getting too cheap to pay a salon to do it. I saw Robert & Debby at church a few months ago (Deb's parents are in the ward) and Robert said, "I wouldn't have recognized you your hair is so much lighter." Should I take this as a get rid of the highlights since one of my own best friends wouldn't know me from behind? I don't know- regardless they will be gone since I'm too cheap to keep them.