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Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Valentine's Day Was Really Great!

How was yours? And by the way, I have some friends from Europe that read this blog, and I think it's actually pretty cool that Feb. 14 is just "Friendship Day" over there. There's not this pressure to have a really romantic experience on that day. Although I'm glad that I get a day to show my love to my sweetheart, I think the US should also celebrate Friendship Day. I found out that here in the US, it's actually the first Sunday in August! I think we all, the readers of this blog, should celebrate it!!! Heck, they celebrate Secretary's Day, Boss' Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Grandparent's Day is gaining popularity... what else is there? But our honest-to-goodness FRIENDS are getting the shaft a little bit. First Sunday in August. Put it on the calendar.

Here's what went down in the Cardon household a few days ago. First of all, Chris got me roses. It's my favorite flower. He did well. Then he took me to Pane e Vino and it was amazing. They gave each woman in the restaurant a long stemmed rose, and they had a fantastic optional Valentine's menu. It was AMAZING. They pulled out all the stops. I am afraid to describe what I ordered because it won't do it justice. So I already love this restaurant, but it just went up a few notches after Thurs. night, if that's possible. And finally, I had requested from Chris and he delivered a gift certificate for a professional massage that I can enjoy later. So great!

For Chris, he actually hates nice gifts. It sounds weird, but it's true. I would so much rather buy someone a leather jacket or some electronics, or something. But what I did instead, he really liked. I went to the dollar store and bought some little gift bags, some little-kid-valentines, and like 10 or 12 little trinkets. Then I put one in each bag and a little note on the valentine with each gift that said something really cheesy. For example- a little bag of chocolate covered peanuts, and the note said, "You're a little nutty, but you're VERY sweet." A tape measure, and the note said, "You're MY favorite handyman." A 1st prize ribbon, and the note said, "You're my #1 provider." They were all super cheesy notes, but affectionate. Then in the morning I hid some of them around the house for him to find, and the next day I delivered the rest to him at his office one at a time. (I did A LOT of driving!!) He kept being so surprised after each one came. But I am so thrilled, because it all paid off. He said it was the best Valentine's Day he had ever had. I'd say that indicates a pretty good success. :)


Hardys said...

So sweet! What a great idea with the bags of candy. I need to do that next year for sure!!

Angie said...

Sounds good Natalie. You're so creative!

Katja said...

I'm all for YSTÄVÄNPÄIVÄ here in Finland, but I need to say that I LOVED the roses I got from someone special too :)
I don't mind at all celebrating both!

April Cobb said...

Okay... so when can I start Jay at the Chris Cardon school of romancing? V-day was completely unrecognized in the Cobb home. maybe we should spend the holiday at your house next year so that Jay can see how inadequate his celebrations are. :)

Natalie C. said...

Katja, wow! Who is the mysterious rose purchaser?

April, You're right. Chris is awesome. I'm really thankful. :) Some people are ok with less celebration for V-day, but I have to admit I'd be sad if there was nada!!!!