Something Beautiful or Humorous: Apples that Eli painted

Monday, March 31, 2008

I took this personality test and these are my results. Mouse over the different colors to see what traits they stand for. They call me a "Considerate Architect." I think it might be a nice way to say, 'bossy, but nice."

It doesn't really tell you much, but the colors are kind of cool to look at?


Michele said...

Better than being bossy and mean! but it should say determined and kind because that suits you more.

Ryann said...

I took your quiz. I was a director. A couple of things surprised me. First, I had a masculinity rating of 76% and my femininity was only 22%! Crazy! And I had 0 empathy. I thought I was a bit more caring. But overall, it was spot on. Thanks for the quiz!

The monkey bunch said...

Thanks for the quiz. I was suprised how low I was on masculinity, since I have always considered myself a tomboy, but I guess my husband would say that that was a good thing! Ha ha! Bossy, but nice about it is always a good thing. I was bossy, too, but not nice. You get extra points for being nice!