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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santa, I want a green power ranger and a ballerina

How was your Christmas, everyone? I hope it was great. I cut down on stress & to-do lists so much. Partly because our oven broke!! Sorry, everyone- no Christmas goodies from the Cardons this year. No Christmas card so far... (maybe New Years or Valentines?) But we had a great time on Christmas, anyway. :)

I think this is the first year that I succeeded in really hitting the nail on the head with gifts for the kids. We knew we didn't want to spend that much, but we talked ourselves into changing the situation at the last minute. It was going to be just stocking stuffers and a book for each of them. Then I realized that was too extreme. They would have thought the Grinch visited us. So we ended up just buying them one other toy on ebay, each, and with extended family gifts, they were thrilled. And since it was really only one gift, each, I really listened hard to what they wanted: a power ranger costume and some ballet shoes (ok, actually, we got them a few more things to go with the theme- light sabers & bionicles for Eli and Bella Dancerella for Mia.)

They stayed in their little costumes ALL DAY! I would post a picture, but they have been so well used, that they are not fit for photography at this moment.

Chris, bless his heart, just wanted socks. Yes, SOCKS! It was on his wish list! I didn't get what I wanted because I wanted this: an iMac. Except I didn't know I wanted it until last night when we visited Best Buy to replace our computer modem.

Oh. My. Gosh. I never knew such a cool thing existed!! Here I am blogging away on a 5 year old dinosaur computer, and maybe some of you are reading this on sleek things like this??!!! Wow. I am a closet Gadget Geek. I love electronic stuff. Ipods, computers, PDAs, phones, you name it. I love everything inside Best Buy with the notable exception of video games. My husband works in the IT industry, and I am even a bigger Gadget Geek than he is! BUT it's not on the budget priority list. So I just window shop and dream and enjoy.

So I was dreaming and drooling over this iMac when we ran into a guy I used to date before I met Chris. Very big blast from the past. This guy is still single, still handsome (totally tanned from skiing,) but just not grown up yet. He was exchanging a Playstation for an XBox. All these memories of this guy, his personality & priorities came flooding back to me. How do I say this. Since he remains anonymous, I'll just say it- he's a pretty selfish guy. Not because he plays video games, but just his priorities are totally materialistic and shallow.

And I know I seem to be judging him. There are a lot of people out there that would love to be married and have 2 kids, but it didn't work out that way, but their hearts are still right. It has nothing to do with his being single or having money that I'm saying this. I'm just basing it on what I know of his personality & priorities. For me, having a family has always been the most sought-after prize. But I sense that for him, it's not. And finally, for some, they can have their cake & eat it, too. They are able to have iMacs, beautiful cars, XBoxes and a couple kids to boot. Not everyone has to make the same sacrifice to have a family. Unfortunately for me, it is a choice. I'm a stay-home-mom instead of a corporate lawyer. We have kids in preschool instead of an updated car or computer. Not to mention the cost of emotional stability, lately (not everyone suffers that to the same extent, either.) But we know it's all worth it!

When we were done talking to him (ALL small talk. I wouldn't have dared voice any of my real thoughts. Not that I'm ever eloquent at any spur of the moment when I need to be, anyway!), I turned to my 2 beautiful kids, and hugged them and sighed with contentment. I would choose them OF COURSE, ANY TIME over a stupid computer. If I could choose between an iMac and a power ranger and ballerina, I know what I'd choose. Luckily, I made this choice a long time ago, and I'm glad I did.


Tracy said...

I had the same blast recently. I talked with a guy I was head over heels for in high school. It made me so happy I am not in charge of my life! I so couldn't see past him and there was such a bigger plan for me and my life. Have you ever heard Garth Brooks song, "Unanswered Prayers"? Very good words.

The monkey bunch said...

"Santa" always brings what we need for Christmas. Isn't he great!

Hardys said...

I loved your post. I can relate to some of them. I just have to say that I think you and I are more alike then we think when it comes to raising our kids....
You are a great mom and you will be blessed for that. I love you and Chris! I hope you both had great birthdays!!!