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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I should amend the answers of the quiz in the previous post to say that in ancient Greek architecture, either Doric or Ionic could be correct. In Greek temples like the Parthenon, you will see Doric type columns. (That's what I was thinking as I wrote the quiz.) Corinthian columns are from a slightly later time period, mostly from Roman architecture, but of course you will see that type of columns in Greece, since they are named after a Greek city called Corinth. So you all technically get 100% on that question unless you guessed "Cretian," which I made up. :)

Happy Things For Today

  1. I was headed to my first activity with the 8-11 year old girls at church, and it was canceled because of snow. Hmmmm... what to do with the 10 donuts I just bought for them? :)
  2. So many children's books have watercolor illustrations. It is just a feast for my eyes. I found an award winning illustrator/author that I LOVE!! Jerry Pinkney. His watercolors remind me a tiny bit of one of my favorite painters, Carl Larsson. I'm just remembering, too, as a child, my mom's favorite illustrator was Eloise Wilkin. We had so many "Golden Books" illustrated by her. Something about her just touched my mom's heart. What a nice memory!
  3. We are having a really good experience in a parenting class we signed up for. If any of you are looking for something like that out there, I would suggest checking it out. Chris and I are both going to an 8 hour class & let me just shamelessly tell you we need this. Getting reminded of good techniques, etc. is so much better than sending your child to "Time Out" every time you turn around. And you can only read so many self help books before you start to drive yourself crazy. You can sneak a peak of what Dr. Hackney's ideas are like by clicking on the "radio show" link, and picking one of the links that says either "Positive Language & Discipline" or "Logical Consequences." If she ever gets a podcast, it will definitely be on my sidebar.
  4. The kids were just jubilant to see the snow today. Fun. :)
  5. Christmas card season. I don't even mind going to the trouble to get ours in the mail because it is so worth it to receive all these fun letters & photos from our family & friends all over the world. Yay!


Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

I hope you ate the donuts feeling happy and guilt-free - well, maybe not all 10, but at least a few!

The monkey bunch said...

I love Christmas cards, too, but the older I get the less I get. My family and Rob's are loosers when it comes to this and my friends are getting lazier. I still go to the trouble, though! It sometime the only time of year you hear from people!

Jenny said...

I would love to hear more about your parenting class. I'm in a definite time out rut right now.