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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cultural Arts IQ

I was flattered when I was asked to help out with a Young Women's lesson today at church on cultural arts. I paint, and that's the main reason they asked me, but when I thought about it, I've been surrounded by the cultural arts all my life. My parents are such good examples. They encouraged everything- dance, travel, theater, reading, art, going to concerts & museums, and mostly learning all you can from all classes, available information and the simple beauty that surrounds us so you can appreciate it more.

For fun, I made up this quiz for the young women to see how culturally savvy they were. Here it is for you to take. Tell me how you did! :)

Cultural Arts Quiz

Dance * Painting * Sculpture * Theater * Literature * Film * History * International Culture * Cuisine * Music * Architecture * Design * Photography * Creativity
* Learning * Ancient Civilizations * Foreign Languages * Poetry *

  1. Pas de deux means
    1. Pass the ducks
    2. A ballet dance between a man and woman
    3. A French dessert

  1. The medium of pastels in art is
    1. Using chalks in a painting
    2. Decorating with mint candy
    3. Using the past to tell a story

  1. Negative space is
    1. Unhappy planets and stars
    2. Space where there is no drawing or sculpting
    3. The white in a black and white drawing

  1. Participating in the arts is about
    1. Being the best
    2. Getting an uplifting feeling & worshiping God
    3. Winning competitions

  1. In theater, a prop is
    1. Giving a compliment
    2. When an actor makes a mistake
    3. Any item an actor touches or uses on the set of a movie or play.

  1. My favorite form of literature is
    1. Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    2. Non-fiction
    3. Biography
    4. Poetry
    5. Romance
    6. Mystery
    7. Historical fiction
    8. Other _____________________________

  1. An actor who starred in a Film Noir movie is
    1. Humphrey Bogart
    2. Tom Cruise
    3. Adam Sandler

  1. Mount Vernon, Montecello, and Gunston Hall are all
    1. Roads in Northern Virginia
    2. Historical plantations
    3. Sports teams

  1. The reason to learn about another country’s culture is
    1. Our world is interconnected and our well-beings are dependent on one another’s
    2. To learn that our own way of thinking isn’t always the only way, or the right way
    3. To overcome stereotypes that may be incorrect or negative
    4. To understand yourself better
    5. Because God created and loves us all
    6. To get a broader understanding of what is beautiful
    7. Understanding another culture can lead to avoidance of wars and many problems.

  1. I have tasted food from the following countries:
    1. Afganistan
    2. China
    3. Peru
    4. Morocco
    5. Greece
    6. Italy
    7. Russia
    8. Mexico
    9. Other ________________________________

  1. A Capella music refers to:
    1. Music sung at church
    2. Choral music for voices alone, without instruments
    3. Music played with bells

  1. The name for the type of columns found in ancient Greek architecture is:
    1. Doric
    2. Ionic
    3. Corinthian
    4. Cretian

  1. The rule of thirds is
    1. Making sure you have multiple helpings at dinner
    2. A Las Vegas betting rule
    3. Dividing a picture into 9 equal parts to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

  1. One thing photographers say is vital for a good photograph is
    1. Light
    2. Good models
    3. Working camera batteries

Answers: 1B, 2A, 3B, 4B, 5C, 6-all, 7A, 8B, 9-all, 10-all, 11B, 12A, 13C, 14A


Hardys said...

I shocked my self. I missed three! I feel I have been well exposed to cultural arts in my upbringing. It has been very beneficial to me. Thanks for sharing!

The monkey bunch said...

I missed one. I couldn't remember if it was ionic or Doric. It is a lot easier to be exposed to this stuff when you grow up in a different country, I think. I loved my army brat time.
Loved seeing you all this Saturday!

Annie said...

i missed the greek column one too :)
thanks for making me think about something other than poopy diapers and lost sleep!

Tracy said...

I missed the column question. It is really sad because I was an art major. But I am guessing there is no mention of Doric columns on Dora. Little Einsteins maybe, but that seems to be where I get the majority of my culture these days!

Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

You were obviously a good choice for this lesson - I'm glad to know that you are changing the world one little corner or YW at a time!

Ryann said...

Like many of the others, I missed the columns. Never liked the Greeks much. Bet it was a great lesson.

Jen Cardon said...

Hey, I actually aced this! I wrote a report in college on the columns! And, I majored in Spanish and minored in Humanities--which goes to show how much of a Humanities streak I have. I may not be wealthy in this life, but I enjoy life after work!