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Sunday, December 16, 2007

This Tag is from Teresa

1. What was the last practical joke that was played on you, or that you played on someone?

Pathetically, this is telling about the level of humor and lightheartedness in my life. I have never been a big practical joker & I've never been a very good sport when I was the brunt of a practical joke. Snoring-boring. I know.

2. Tell of a time that you felt God was there to help you in a struggle.

It's a little too close to my heart to talk about on the blog, but I'll just say every now & then I get experiences that surprise me how much God really does care about me.

3. What was your favorite treat as a child?


4. What is your favorite movie and why?

Oh this isn't my favorite movie, but it gives me a good opportunity to encourage everyone to see the movie, Sicko. There was a review that said it was, "Comedy, Poignancy and Outrage." After we watched it, my husband, Chris had tears in his eyes, and he said, "I've never felt so strongly about writing my congressman about something in my entire life." I definitely think everyone should see it. And especially if you were horrified about this post. I challenge you to watch the movie and send me your rebuttal. And I don't want to hear, "Oh, my friend had a baby in a hospital in England and she had to change her own sheets. American hospitals are way better." That is NOT a rebuttal. Would you rather change your own sheets at the hospital or end up in bankruptcy after getting in a car accident? That's what our system basically does to people. The movie talks about how physician/executives for health insurance companies get bonuses for denying the most people coverage. That's disgusting. It's like being responsible for their deaths. But they interviewed physicians in England who get bonuses for the most healthy patients- like if their blood pressure goes down, they stop smoking, get mental health evaluations, etc. I feel so bad for people denied coverage in these life or death situations. I would gladly have my taxes increased just to have it stop. But selfishly, I'm actually going around ticked right now because I really need physical therapy for a foot injury I have, but I can't afford it. I just have to basically tolerate the inconvenience of the pain and the persisting injury. But guess who gets physical therapy for free? Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Lovely. We really need a change in this country. Check out my new sidebar link list about universal health care.

5. What was the last "Hand-me-down" you received or gave?

I don't know if this is the most recent, but we bought Mia a new car seat, and gave Mia's old one to a family in our ward. Her old car seat was perfectly fine, but we were too dumb to know that it converted into a booster seat. We didn't know until after we bought her a new one. So at least our friends will be able to enjoy it. :)

If you'd like to participate in this tag, you get to answer MY questions, then make up 5 of your own to pass on to others. Let me know in the comments, & I'd love to go read your responses. Here are my 5 Questions:

1. Have you ever said anything to your kids that you couldn't believe came out of your mouth?
2. How did you meet your husband?
3. Do you have any stories from your labor & delivery?
4. Do you like chunky jewelery?
5. What is your morning/housecleaning routine?


Dana Broderick said...

I'm actually grateful that you wrote about this again, because I feel really strongly about universal health care. Maybe because I lived in England and experienced it. I guess it's an emotional and heated debate but I want to share my feelings a bit, and hopefully I don't offend.

I think our healthcare system does need an overhall but I'm sorry universal healthcare is NOT the answer.

First of all, ask yourself. When has the government ran anything better than the private sector? Schools? DMV? Anything run by the government is slow and inefficient. Do you really want your doctor to be paid 30,000 a year like a school teacher who should be paid a heck of alot more in my opinion? Who would want to be a doctor then?

I think first of all, in a movie you can make anything look terrible to show your point of view, especially Michael Moore. But the truth of the matter is that people in England and Canada die because they don't get coverage in time!!! There are waiting lists for surgeries that should be done that day! We had a older fellow in our ward in England that was on a wait list for a bypass surgery that need to be done that day! He was told, if he had any pains to get to the hospital, but guess what? Their hospitals and emergency rooms are overbooked and it's hard to even get in. They were closing the closest hospital where I had my baby and that was completely crammed. I was the last woman to get a room that day, the nurse told me. I had a friend have her baby in the PARKING LOT because they told her to go to the next hospital. I could keep writing about this but you have to see my point. Government running anything is not good! It's just not! I would like to write you my birthing experience again, but with every detail. I don't know, maybe someone has had a different experience than me. I had a couple of girlfriends in England that said it just continues to go downhill. So, there you have it. Take my word or not....

Dana Broderick said...

I also wanted to say that taxes in England are extremely high. All of the care has to be paid for somehow.

When I was pregnant with Tori they kept pushing and asking me if I wanted a home birth. Why? Because it's cheaper and the hositals are overbooked. I said NO WAY. Anything can happen while giving birth.

Sorry to rant and rave......I could go on and on. I know you have thought much about this Natalie. It's quite a debate!!!

Natalie C. said...

Dana, please, please watch the movie, Sicko & tell me what you think. Because he actually interviews a doctor in London & goes to his home & he lives in a million dollar home & makes about $200K/year, flat screen tv, etc. And he's like, Yes, I make enough money to be comfortable. But seriously, I can't do a good job of explaining what's in the movie. You have to see it. It's sooooooo to the point. Just watch it and then tell me if you feel the same way.

The other argument is well, a lot of things are socialized in the US, and it's just fine. Fire & rescue, libraries, schools, etc., (as much complaining about those things as we do... aren't we glad they're there at all? The system can always be improved.) and I'm sorry, but I wouldn't want the fire department to be only for the rich, which is basically what good health care is right now. I would prefer a FLAWED system over no system.

To me, it's so urgent because of stats like these: most normal, average Americans are 1 health care crisis away from bankruptcy. We're the ONLY developed country in the entire world without a national health care system. The life expectancy in the US is ranked #42. Why aren't we even at least in the top 10? Infant mortality is low, too. Below El Salvador and Cuba! I think we're like 28th in the world. And it just seems selfish to me that it's all about money. Because we want doctors to be paid a lot, people are dying early.

Finally, the argument that Michael Moore must be making stuff up or propaganda, etc. Just watch the movie. I think there is a lot of irrefutable evidence. On his website ( is a link that says "fact checking." Click on that.

I'm not offended at all for your point of view. Thanks for being honest & willing to discuss. :)

Natalie C. said...

Dana, Oh one more thing- I've lived in Europe, too! I lived in Sweden for a year, Finland for 18 months, Germany for 2 years, and my parents lived in Belgium for 10 years. My mom was hospitalized in Belgium and in fairness, I will say that didn't enjoy her experience too much. But it was about things like the hospital wasn't very pretty, she had to wait longer than she wanted to for a nurse, the doctors didn't have the greatest bedside manners, didn't talk her through things beforehand. I know that national health care has flaws in other countries, but to me, it's a lot scarier to think of my family in financial ruin because one of us happened to get sick, than to think of a doctor being rude or something.