Something Beautiful or Humorous: Apples that Eli painted

Monday, October 22, 2007

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Oh, the bad news? Ok. Here it is: our kids are destroying our home before our very eyes.

A couple of days ago I sent the kids upstairs together to wash their hands. "Eli, please help Mia." So they come down, hands clean and I was so proud of how independent and obedient they were. About 10-15 minutes later I hear this drip-drip-drip sound coming from the kitchen. With my heart in my throat, I went to the kitchen to see what I didn't want to see. Water pouring out of the air conditioning vent in the ceiling. I started running around, screaming, and getting out every towel in the house. The kids had plugged up the sink, and left the water running in the upstairs bathroom. There was 1 inch of water on the ground, and it had gone through the floor where the caulking had cracked.

I called Chris and he was panicked enough to pick up and leave work.* By the time he came home, I had dried all the floors with towels, but when he took off the light fixture and the A/C vent floods of water came pouring out. It has basically destroyed our whole ceiling. Chris will be replacing the whole thing this next weekend.

The water had just been in puddles there above the drywall. When the water came pouring out, it was like this brownish yucky color with mouse poop floating in it. (So it's not always the neighbors we hear when we are hearing weird sounds in the walls.) ... moment of gagging silence....

The hero of the situation was definitely Chris. He took our Tilex spray bleach and cleaned all the surfaces, the water and all the drywall. If he hadn't come home, the weight of the water might have even caused the light fixture to come crashing down on us.

They say kids are expensive to have around, but I always thought it had to do with the food they ate or their clothes. Now I find out it's just home destruction thats eat away at their college funds.

As an encore performance, on Saturday Eli & Mia took out 6 juice boxes from the pantry and poured them all over the carpet. On Sunday, they got a hold of the Tilex spray bleach and sprayed all over our cabinets and walls. I was just ready to weep and weep. We went to church and I was just sure that when we came home, we would see white spots all over the carpet & it would be completely ruined (along with Mia's dress, I thought for sure! I can't even clean the bathroom with that stuff without getting a white spot on the rug or my pants or somewhere!). By the absolute grace & mercy of God, I haven't found any ruined spots on the carpet, rugs, or even her dress.

On Sunday Eli drew a picture of his parents. This is a scan of his actual crayon drawing. We have NOT been happy campers lately. Are these faces not hysterically funny? Poor kids!

But stay tuned for the good news- some bright spots (involving a SYTYCD live performance & my 10 year singles ward reunion) during these tough several weeks with the kids.

*(I am sitting here wondering why I didn't get that treatment a couple of months ago when I was physically sick with a cold, but so emotionally done with the kids that I almost called a babysitter. I called & asked him if there was any way he could come home. But no.)


Ryann said...

I am so sorry for all that you have been through. Thank goodness you have such a wonderful husband!

I have to admit though, I laughed and laughed at Eli's artwork. That kiddo is a keeper!

Annie said...

I too love the artwork - I should ask Nick to draw a picture of me - I'm sure it would be SCARY!!

I had a very similar experience recently with the kids plugging the sink and leaving the water running, but thanks to the new tile floor in there, the water did not end up causing the same damage. Although next time you come to my house, look at the living room ceiling and you will see the crack where they dumped a few gallons of water out of the tub BEFORE the tile floor!!

D&A said...

Yikes! Remember the Lord provides away to obey... (But wasn't it okay for Nephi to kill Laban?) Don't listen to me... I can totally relate, the picture of me would include very large hips and smoke coming out of my ears. :) Good luck with this one!

Jen Cardon said...

Hi Natalie,

I LOVED the pictures from Eli! I'm still laughing! He is such a perceptive soul--he certainly caught the emotions! Hopefully, there will come a time where you will all be able to laugh about it! In the mean time, keep your chin up--life does eventually get better. Love to all of you!

jenny said...

Kids are expensive. The 7 or so years we were married without kids we had 1 t.v. In the 4 years since we've had kids we've gone through 3 t.v. sets! Emma blew the tube out on one by turning it off and on over and over again, one got water spilled all down the back and now we're on #3...we'll see how long this one lasts. Sorry about the water damage though - that's way more expensive than a t.v!

Angie said...

I would have been so upset. My boys did that last week. They went in to "wash their hands" and I wen't in later to find they had wadded up TP and shoved it down the drain as far as they could. and shoved and shoved. That stuff was impossible to get out. Jeremy had to take the sink apart. I am thankful they didn't leave the water running though. The other day Joseph broke Jeremy's brand new glasses. It does get expensive. I agree. The pictures are so funny. My kids would probably do the same:)

Melissa said...

That is crazy! My sister and I kinda did that to my parents to, we made a slip and slide on our bedroom floor with the outside hose, need less to say they were soooo mad!! Tag your it! read my blog.

Hardys said...

You and I seem to be a lot alike and I enjoy reading you blogs. Jakob seems to be alot like Eli. I read your blogs and get myself geared for what I have coming to me...

Kirstin Ballentine now Fellars said...

In all the years I lived with you - I thought you were beautiful, classy, intelligent, etc. but I never knew how funny you could be! I have on numerous occasions laughed out loud at your stories. I loved Eli drawing... I am sure I will have my share of those "mad" days with my Abraham. You're just "prepping" me.

Natalie C. said...

Oh, you all claim your kids would draw mean pictures of you... I still think I'm the meanest mom. :)

Kirstin, thank you for so many nice compliments. I'm glad I can give people a few laughs. It takes a lot of the sting out of these situations for me.