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Saturday, September 8, 2007

There's A Groom In My Backyard With No Clothes On!

The first photo was taken recently when we were out in Utah visiting family. We got a chance to go to the temple together with my mom, George, her husband and my two sisters. Such a great and bonding thing to do together as a family when we get to see each other so seldom. The second was seven years ago at the same place: the doors of the Mt. Timpanogas temple.

This stirs up memories of a funny experience that happened before we got to the temple, so I thought I'd share that with you. Chris' cousin actually shared this story with Good Things Utah,
for a contest on funny wedding stories and ended up winning tickets to see the Broadway musical, Mamma Mia.

The story basically goes like this. Chris and I were staying with my aunt in Draper, the night before we were to be married. I had a hair appointment that morning, and Chris was nice enough to drive me out to the appointment. I, of course, had showered before that, but as often happens, he was the last person to shower & tried to do that when we got back. UNFORTUNATELY, they were doing some new home building in the neighborhood, and had shut off the water for the entire street. Panicked, we sent him over to my brother's house a few miles away to see if he could shower there. When he got there, to his dismay, my brother was not home. Chris was checking all the windows and doors and banging to get in. No luck. So resigned to going to the temple to get married without a shower, he looked around for a place to change into his suit to wear to the temple. He goes in the backyard and starts stripping down. As soon as he was all the way down to his underwear, around the corner came my brother. "Oh! Um! Hi! Um! Can I help you?" At this point Chris, and my brother Christer had only met briefly. So of course, Chris, dying of embarrassment, tells him what happened and Christer let him in to shower. The most ironic part is that Chris ended up beating me to the temple. My family had gotten us lost on the way there.

And there are many other stories we could tell from this day under the category of "Wedding Receptions Gone Wrong." But that story definitely takes the cake. Or at least the tickets. Hey, where are my Mamma Mia tickets, anyway?


Dana Broderick said...

LOL! Thanks for the good laugh! Poor Chris! I think anyone would panic! I'm glad he got to shower before the wedding!

Angie said...

This story will ALWAYS be funny. Love it!. I just got the book your reading, Twilight. Are you liking it? We miss you:)

Natalie C. said...

Angie, Yes I liked the book, Twilight. But I probably won't read the second one. How about you?