Something Beautiful or Humorous: Apples that Eli painted

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Quick Comment

This is one of my favorite pictures from the Cardon reunion, taken from my mother & father-in-law's yard. It was like the deer wouldn't stop running through the yard while we were trying to have our reunion! I just think it's hilarious that the list of animals we have seen in our yard in Virginia is

  • squirrel
  • racoon
  • rabbit
  • robin
  • hummingbird
  • a bunch of other backyard birds (Cardinals, Blue Jays, et al.)
  • lizard
  • and the most exciting one: groundhog
The partial list of animals my mother & father-in-law have seen in their backyard (I know they love nature & have probably noticed a lot more- they live near the Spanish Fork Canyon) is:
  • rabbits
  • deer
  • snakes
  • turkeys
  • hawks
  • cougar!!!! (This was a year or two ago, and the police had to come & unfortunately shoot it since it was now a threat to humans)
  • maybe a bear is next???
5 Happy Things
  1. We have found another potential babysitter! Believe it or not for you suburb dwellers where there is a 14 year old in every other house on your street, but we live where there is a babysitter shortage. One of Eli's swimming lesson teachers was an absolute doll. We haven't used her yet, but just seeing her phone number taped to my desk brings a sigh of happy relief to me.
  2. I love September. We went to Eli's Kindgergarten open house & I was giddy with excitement when they were telling us about all the projects and activities he would do with his class. If I didn't become a lawyer (or actually a stay-at-home-mom), I would have been an elementary school teacher. Something about the new school year just makes me happy!!
  3. Crossing stuff off my to-do list makes me happy. We have been busy getting home from vacation & preparing for school to start. Things are starting to finally get done, though.
  4. Sitting by Chris at church.
  5. A holliday tomorrow. What are your plans?

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