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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Part III

Here are the final photos of the tour of my mom's house. Thanks for letting me indulge & show these on my blog. I'm so jealous of my siblings who get to enjoy being there all the time. I think they might take it for granted, they seriously don't know what they're blessed with. My sister lives a block away, my brother lives 20 minutes away, (and they both have great houses, too, but not quite THIS dramatic, like my mom's, which belongs in a magazine somewhere...), and my other sister lives WITH my mom and continually gets to hang around in this lap of luxury.

And one more comment- the most ironic thing of all- my mom is leaving for a mission soon! As soon as she builds her dream house (I think it was finished in 2003) & starts to really enjoy living there, she has to leave for a while. My youngest sister, who just became a single mom with two kids 3 & 1 year old will live in the house. Good luck to her! I don't think she knows how much work a house is to upkeep! But I sure hope she does a good job taking care of that baby!!

Now a little tour of the yard. This is the corner of their property.

As you circle their house counterclockwise, you will see this.

I also regret that I didn’t take a straight-on shot of the waterfall that you see there, to the right. It is actually huge. It feels like freakin’ Bridal Veil Falls. What a gorgeous place to be, free from humidity & Virginia bugs.

A little shot of the deck.

This was erected for those lucky grandkids.

This is her view from her back yard.

What this doesn’t show is that these two little boxes are full of ripe strawberries and tomatoes! (Neighbor’s yard in background. Lindon, UT, where she lives is developing really fast & real estate is not cheap!)

Turning back around to the other side of the house- what a fun place to put a sand pile (under the tree). And I can’t say enough about how much I love beautiful green Utah grass. I want to lay on it and do grass angels. I could almost lick it, it’s so luscious. Anyone who has seen my front yard weeds “lawn” feels my pain.

And this is their driveway. Even their garage had to be fancy with that beautiful urn & the mailboxes have to be fancy & European, too, of course. (There are two, because they have a full apartment in their basement that they rent out.)

A close up of the roses that are absolutely gorgeous all along the front of their house.

Finally, a little shot of one of the home’s occupants, “Paddie Bear.”

My mom. Beautiful inside & out.

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