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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Are You Sick of Photo Collages Yet?

This is the day we went up into the mountains for a picnic/cook-out. There are a couple of pretty photographs of my niece, Melia (top left & center). It was nice to get up into the mountains for a few hours. It had been several years for Chris & me. Chris' parents also had us have a testimony meeting there. My side of the family is not that good at that type of thing, so it was a nice thing to be a part of. I always love hearing my mother & father-in-law's testimonies, and think they are just wonderful examples.

10 Things I Appreciate About You!

Happy Birthday, Hilly! It's my sister, Hillary's birthday today! I am thankful for her!

  1. She holds our family together. She takes care of my younger sister during her times of need, she helps my mom with everything, she is the one my brother can always go to. She is the go-to girl. I even go to her even though I live so far away!
  2. She encourages me to be a good mom, read my scriptures, & be nice to my family.
  3. She is such a good listener. We have had such good phone conversations during the years that we have lived far away from one another.
  4. We have a lot in common, enjoying decorating, cooking & shopping. She is like a fun friend to hang out with.
  5. She is beautiful. I can't get over how her face looks like a doll always, with or without makeup.
  6. She has so much energy and is as productive as a factory or a well-oiled machine. She is such a hard worker & gets so much done. When I stayed at her house, I couldn't believe how many things were 100% organized and perfect. (So I guess we don't have THAT much in common). :)
  7. She smiles ALL the time.
  8. When they first got married, my brother-in-law was so impressed with her spiritual, emotional & every kind of strength, he wrote a note to my mom thanking her for raising such a strong daughter. My mom's response was "I can't take any credit. I don't think I did anything to make her strong. She's so strong, she practically raised herself!"
  9. She is VERY selfless. As I hear what she's been doing from day to day in our conversations, I'm so impressed by how many people she serves.
  10. I am sad I didn't take more photos of her while we were in Utah because I miss her. Sorry this is an older photo. :)

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Anonymous said...

Natalie, thank you for all of the nice and sweet comments. You make me sound wonderful. I don't always think so,but it was nice to get up lifted. You are just as wonderful too! I love you! Hilly