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Friday, August 31, 2007

Tour of My Mom's House Part Deux

It feels nécessaire to throw in a few French words here and there as I describe my mom's maison. Anyway... the tour continues with the basement:

Now it’s time for the downstairs. The couch & George’s TV are the only non-antique things I think I’ve showed you. :)

A little bar that matches their entertainment center. I think it’s from Czec Republic, as is all their kitchen cabinetry.

Fireplace from Italy.

These are the doors for (of all things) the toy room for the grandkids. I couldn’t show them off in their true grandeur, since my sister is staying with my mom & her 2 boys use this room for their bedroom & they have draped a sheet to block the light.

And there are other cool things the grandkids can enjoy. Here are a bunch of photos of the grandkids' toy room. This photo is actually a couple years old. This is where Eli slept when we stayed there summer of '04. Right next to his grandma's (Sandra, Chris' mom) and aunt's (Jen, Chris' sister) paintings of the Three Little Pigs. Actually, I'm not sure which of them did which walls, but all the walls of the toy room are covered in fairy tale murals that are painted by Sandra & Jen.

Of course you probably recognize some of the little characters...

Even the toy closet doors have Gandalf & Smog, the dragon on the inside & the hobit hole on the outside of them. And the other closet has a fish scene on it.

Check this out. In addition to the toy room, there is a little space under the stairs that they have made into Snow White’s kitchen. My mother-in-law, Sandra did all the beautiful trompe l’oeil paintings on the wall, and antiqued all the wood furniture. Again, amazing!!!! (By the way, Snow White’s kitchen has a real crystal chandelier! Look for it peeking out from some of the pictures.)

A close up of the snow white mural. The next few photos will be of the little play room.

Tomorrow I'll post pics of their yard. Bon nuit!

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