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Friday, August 31, 2007

Share What Ya Got: Other People Post Pics From Peru or Turkey, I Post Pics from Lindon, UT!

Tour of My Mom’s House in Three Parts

Part I

I have always been intrigued by home design. I love flipping through House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, etc., etc. You'll find me once in a while checking out the homes in new communities, even though (sigh) I'm not a potential buyer (or even close). And yes, I watch the all the DIY shows. Every time I came home from college, I always took a tour of my mom's house to see what was new & what beautiful things were added. Even as a little "girl", I would sketch out what I thought my dream home would look like. Well, after my dad died, my mom was able to build her own actual real life dream house, and here it is.

It is so incredible, that I actually thought it was worth a few blog entries. You guys are getting the extensive tour. She lived in Germany for 3 years and Belgium for 10 years, and through living there, started a business importing antiques and selling them on e-bay. Every house I lived in growing up was beautiful and showed off her appreciation for foreign treasures & she’s always loved antiques, but this house is unbelievable. It’s not only full of furniture & styles that she found in Europe, but even windows & doors from old beautiful European places. It’s the pièce de résistance.

A close up of the front walk way.

This is what you see when you enter the front door.

This is what you’re standing on in the front entry way if you look down.

Looking to the left, a music room.

Looking to the right, a sort of parlor, where my and my sisters’ bridal portraits hang. The fireplace mantel from Europe and so is pretty much every piece of furniture that you will see in every picture.

This is what the wall in that room looks like with our portraits. The top is my mom’s husband, George’s daughter, Karen. Bottom row, left to right is me, my sister, Hillary, and my sister, Anna. The ceilings throughout the home are 13 feet.

As you walk a little into the house, you will see this. She had a mural of a castle painted on the wall of the stairway, with a fountain there. Down the stairs are some cool paintings of random castles.

Another view.

Another view. This is my niece, Kayla & nephew, Cameron.

Next, as you walk in, you will see this to your left. George’s kids on the left and on the top in the group photo and my mom’s kids on the right (except for one- the one of the single guy is George's son), and the bottom group photo is my mom's side. These pictures are a couple years old & we’ve lost (due to a divorce) and gained (3 new grandkids) several people, so while we were in Utah, we took some new photos. Too bad I couldn’t have lost the 30 pounds I wanted to lose for the photos since they are large as life, there.

Next, you’ll see this little sitting room by the kitchen.

This is part of the kitchen. She had painters paint on the tile, then later wanted some more painting on the stove hood, and commissioned me! So that’s my one bragging right.

I realized I didn’t take a picture of the other half of the kitchen, but if I would have, to the right of this photo is her fridge, but there are some other cool built-in shelves on either side of it. This big half-circle-shaped window is from an old building in Belgium. The plates are from Sweden (she had been collecting for years.) I also forgot to snap a picture of the dining table. Also gorgeous & impressive. I think it probably sits 14 or so. By the way, the floor is marble & inlaid wood. Amazing.

This is my mom & George’s bedroom. I forgot to take pictures of its really cool double doors which are antique from Europe and are 10 feet tall. The rest of the doors in the house are 8 feet tall, and the ceilings are 13 feet. Very castle like feeling going on.

Armoires in their bedroom. (Excuse the bad photography.)

This cool little stove, also in their bedroom. My mother-in-law, Sandra painted the birds of paradise and the vines.

This is their master bathroom. (!!!!!!!!!) Once I took a bath in there and I was literally swimming. It is definitely a 2 person bathtub (or more... but of course you wouldn't want more than 2!) :)

More of their master bathroom with these cool antique sinks that she was able to put a modern basin & (obviously) plumbing, etc.

And to finish off this Part I of the tour, I had to show you their closet (this is just my mom’s half). It is bigger than my son’s bedroom in our tiny townhome!!

This is still the closet in the master bedroom. I think it’s brilliant to make it big enough for an ironing board & little built-in table for sewing machine.

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow (the downstairs with some awesome murals painted by my mother-in-law.)


Annie said...

Okay NOW I know where you get your artistic talents from!!

Ryann said...

Wow-pretty impressive!