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Friday, August 3, 2007

Pod What?

I added a new feature to my sidebar plugging various podcasts that I like. First, if you're already a podcast fan, like me, I would love to hear your recommendations!

But if you thought the word podcast was a typo, read on. I thought I would take a minute & explain them. Not too many months ago, I was barely learning what a blog was, and I had a vague hazy idea what a podcast was. Now I love them both. If you're reading this, chances are, you're sold on the wild, exciting world of blogging, but you may not necessarily know about podcasts.

Basically, they are like little radio programs that you must listen to either on your computer or on a device like an ipod. "Radio?" you ask. "You mean like talk radio? Blah boring, you mean news commentary, politics, or weird people like Dr. Laura?", you say. No. Not like that. "Ok, then you mean something just for tech geeks?" No, not that either. I mean listening to a show that reminds you of your favorite obsessions in life. Maybe you are a young mom. You go to itunes, type in "mom," and pick from a zillion podcasts on being a mom. The Mormon Momcast is a good one. Maybe you love Harry Potter. You can listen to Pottercast, like my husband does. Maybe you like organization, yoga, gardening, cooking, riding Harley Davidsons, your favorite TV shows, whatever! I promise there is a podcast about it. Audio books are also available to buy & download onto your ipod, but the good thing about podcasts is that they're free!

Radio is becoming really good quality listening material because it is so easily accessible globally. But I have been really blown away with the quality of some of the stuff I've listened to. One that comes to mind is This American Life.

Lately I have been listening to a bunch of LDS talks from a podcast called LDS Voices. They take talks from General Conference, BYU Devotionals, Women's Conference, scripture symposiums and other sources and make available a sort of "best of" selection. I was on the elliptical at the gym last week, and fortunately, I chose to go in the women's' gym, which was empty, because the talks I listened to from BYU Women's Conference touched my heart so much that I was marching away on the elliptical while simultaneously sobbing into my towel. (If you want to listen to the specific ones I liked, click here and here.)

I even bought this coolest little tiny 2 inch long wireless speaker that my ipod can plug into & I can listen to the ipod when I'm putting on makeup, or working around the house doing whatever & I don't want to put on headphones. And I've linked this before, but be sure you get a transpod, too. You don't want those hours of driving the kids everywhere to go un-podcasted. (If your kids are too young to commandeer the stereo, don't set a bad precedent! If it's too late & you're listening to The Wiggles or what have you, everywhere you go, BUY THE LITTLE GUYS A PORTABLE CD PLAYER & HEADPHONES! It's worth the investment! I would go crazy.)

5 Happy Things

  1. Definitely exercise. My body will thank me later. But my mind is thanking me for every minute of it.
  2. Nap time. Right now, during my stage of life raising these kids who depend so much on me, it has been important for me to get a break from them for a few minutes. Eli either naps or watches TV, and Mia naps, and for a few minutes there are no demands on me.
  3. We went out to eat for a Friday night break from the routine. There is a coffee shop in Lorton Station called The Daily Grind that makes the most amazing soups & sandwiches! It is a great place for lunch if you're ever in the area.
  4. Eli has made it through 5 years and our marriage has made it through 7 years. August is a fun month. Lots of celebrating!
  5. Just stepping back & realizing I have such beautiful kids. Mia has a real graceful beauty about her. This was taken by Chris' cell phone a little while ago.


deborah kress said...

so do podcast have to done on an ipod or do they work on any mp3 player?

Natalie C. said...

Deborah, you can listen to podcasts on any mp3 player. Not just an ipod. You can usually even listen to stuff just directly from your computer speakers if you don't have an mp3 player.