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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The 3 Bees

Yesterday I got stung by a BEE!!! This is time # 3 in my whole life!

Time # 2 I was about 26 years old, on an early morning jog and a bee decided to randomly land on my forearm and sting me.

Time # 1 is the worst story ever. I was 2 years old and my mom put me in a kiddy pool naked. No abusive parenting, or anything. Maybe they just didn't believe in 2 year olds wearing swim suits in the 1970s. I don't know. But as luck would have it, a bee stung me in the private. Yep. Lovely. My mom even took a picture! (Talk about not worrying about that whole "your kid is naked" thing.) So it puts it a little in perspective that any time I've been stung after that could never be as bad.

Here's the story of Time #3: I was sitting by the pool at Eli's swimming lesson (which has usually been a nice relaxing thing to do), and I was in my bathing suit, since we were planning on staying to swim after the lesson. I kept having to fan away bees. Usually bugs will just go away. But they REALLY wanted to land on me. Unfortunately, one landed on the back of my arm, and I smashed it a little bit as I was moving my arm fanning around and OUCH! &*@!!! If you've never been stung, it pretty much feels like someone took a safety pin and tore deep into your skin with it. Stupid bee! So I got the fun experience of having to ask the muscular 20 something lifeguard to help remove the stinger because it was in a place I couldn't see very well. Right on that flap of skin between your tricep and your armpit. Sigh. No, I didn't shave that morning. Good thing I'm WAY PAST wanting to impress lifeguards at this point in my life. I just can't believe I got stung.

5 Happy Things

  1. Let's Dish. I'm sooo happy I haven't had to make dinner every night the past week.
  2. What a beautiful summer. I couldn't have asked for a better one. The past 2 years I never wanted to go outside my door. The heat just felt oppressive & literally added to my depression. But this year, I can go outside & just feel like a normal person! What a blessing!
  3. I got to go to Target today. Target days are good days. :)
  4. I have LOVED reading Harry Potter 7. How fun to have a great page turner. It's such an imaginative little world that JK Rowlings creates. Love it.
  5. Eli has been introduced to the House Fairy. She is like Santa, but leaves little treats if kids clean their rooms. It was fun to see him excited.

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Zach, Ginet and kids said...

zpI was cruising around the mission website the other day and saw that you were bloggers. I enjoyed "catching up." Ours is linked from my mission page as well.

Take care,
Zach Owen