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Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Little Bit Death Defying & Harrowing...

Because we really wanted to become more prepared for all types of emergencies & because of this episode (and this very bleak analysis of it) and this episode, we got this fire escape rope ladder & decided to teach the kids what to do in case of fire.

So we had a little fire drill and wanted to practice climbing down the ladder from the 2nd story level. Chris went down first (totally slow and wobbly!!), then Eli was terrified, but we made him try, but in the middle, he was sobbing so much, Chris took him off the ladder. I'm going "Gee, what's the big deal?"

So then we tried Mia with both of us holding on (me from the top & Chris from the bottom) but she was ABSOLUTELY terrified & wouldn't go. So if that were a real emergency, one of us (or ME if I was home alone with the kids) would have to carry Mia down with us. HA!! WHAT A JOKE!

I start climbing out the window and all of a sudden, I realize that there is nothing between me and the ground 18 feet below except my loose grip on the window ledge and this wobbly rope ladder!!!! I have no living memory of being that close to accidental death. I SOMEHOW made it down the ladder, but I was shaking by the time I got off. It was horrible. So at least now we know what we're up against if there were ever a real fire! I'm thinking this is adding up to be a good reason to buy a ranch style house next time.

5 Things

  1. Nice Chris for taking care of the kids, doing laundry & dishes & making meals while I rested today (my cold/flu that I had last week got its second wind last night & got all of a sudden worse!). And Chris didn't even feel that great, himself!
  2. More than nice... being like that is just downright angelic. I love you, Chris!
  3. How beautiful my little daughter & son are
  4. A warm safe home to live in
  5. Lots and lots of cold & flu medicine


Dana Broderick said...

i love your blog! i can just imagine you all going down the wobbly ladder! scary! audrey would have done the same as eli. she would have bawled and then she would have given us a 4 year old lecture about how dangerous that was! :) your family is so cute! thanks for sharing your stories!

compulsive writer said...

Just dropped in to say Hi!

Glad you made it down the wobbly ladder--that's scary. But how great that your're prepared!

melbo said...

I love that you end your posts w/ five things you're grateful for. It's so important for us all to take time to remember little things like that.