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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chauffeuring Part 2: "Honey I Think I Killed The Car!"

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Recently, I was driving along the freeway enjoying a quiet car without children whining and arguing, when suddenly with no warning I ran over something and heard this huge CRASH and something SHATTERING!! I was going about 70 mph on the freeway and hadn't seen anything in my way, but apparently I hit some debris-- who knows what. And at the same time that I heard the shattering sound, a piece of something flew up from the floor of the passenger side where the noise came from and hit me in the arm! I was slightly hyperventilating for a moment trying to figure out what had happened and assure that the car was functioning & that I was ok. The car seemed to be driving just fine. But when I arrived at my destination and went around to the passenger side to survey the damage, imagine my surprise, when I realized that the debris had punctured a hole through the steel under-carriage of the car!!!!!! What hit my arm was a piece of the car! As the debris broke through, pieces of the car floor scattered all over the place. When I showed Chris what had happened, he was also amazed that something had actually pierced the bottom of the car! But he simply looked at it, stamped it down flat and put the rug back over it. And we continue to drive around like nothing happened. (But my thought is: we really need to sell this car before it falls apart!)

And by the grace of God, the damage didn't happen in a place where it would have hurt me or a passenger or my kids. Also amazing is that it didn't pierce the car somewhere where the consequences would have been so much more severe like severing a brake line or doing something to the engine, etc. Every once in a while I believe we all get these close calls to remind us how much Heavenly Father is looking out for us.

5 Things That Would Cheer You Up If You Were Me

  1. So You Think You Can Dance- Oh. My. Gosh. Why didn't anyone tell me to watch the past 2 seasons? I've been glued to the TV & watched the DVR'd episodes 3 times or more & refuse to erase them. I LOVE it!!!!! Love, love love. I am like the crying "girl" from American Idol. Total nerd fan of the show. As soon as I log off, I will probably go watch it again. Plus I get a double show. Whenever I watch in the daytime, Eli & Mia dance all over the living room. :)
  2. Guess what just opened up here in Lorton?!!? Great Harvest Bread! Now we don't have to drive 20 minutes to get a free slice of bread & awesome Blackberry Scones. We only have to drive 3. :)
  3. Going to the temple. Today is President Hinckley's 97th birthday and we were able to do some sealings in proxy for those who have passed on. The temple is the most anti-depression place on earth. Thinking of nothing else but eternal marriages and sons & daughters being sealed to their parents forever.
  4. Going on a walk with Mia in the stroller & Eli practically able to ride circles around us. He is so cute on his bike with training wheels & his little helmet.
  5. Having a little splurge of homemade cookies is the only way I got through having this cold/sore throat/flu that has lasted almost 3 weeks!!!! Plus a sprained ankle from stepping on a toy. (Don't ask!) Cookies cheer me up. What can I say?


Jenny said...

Since you love "I think you can dance" so much you'll appreciate my dream last night. I had a dream I was on the show and my partner and I were the last to dance. I was at home watching the show with my freinds and family and right before it was my turn to go on stage the baby cried and I had to go take care of the kids. When I got back from taking care of the kids I went to watch my dance on TIVO but somehow my TIVO had failed and didn't record. I was freaking out and crying because I didn't know how the judges responded to my dance or how I did. (If I was the one doing the dance you would think I would have also been there to know how I did or what the judges said but like I said - it was a dream.) Anyway, the real life baby woke me up right then so I don't know how I did on the show...I'm sure my Mamba rocked though! :)

Natalie C. said...

Jenny, that is so hilarious! That would be so cool to dream about SYTYCD. All I've been dreaming about lately is my house not being clean enough.

melbo said...

Wow, I'm so glad you're all okay! I love that Chris just put the carpet over the "puncture wound" and you're totally casual about it now!
I LOVE Great Harvest! I'm sooo glad I read you blog, now I can finally indulge in my daily cravings :)
P.S. - I hope you feel better soon!

Hardys said...

Natalie, I am listening to the TV as I am looking online and heard story of a guy who had some thing fly up into his car much like you were talking about, but instead it came up on the drivers side and went into his chest on the left side. He was hurt badly but lived. I know you had angels looking out for you that day. Thanks for sharing. Love you, teresa