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Monday, April 30, 2007

Uncontrollably Cute Shoes

I had to share my triumph with you. I went to DSW the other day. My goal in life at that time was to own some polka-dot shoes. Well, I was not really feeling the love towards the 3 inch heels that most of the polka-dot shoes came with. So finally I found these & I cannot believe how cute they are. Did DSW have my size? Of course not. I mean, these were cute enough that it really tempted me to buy the 1/2 size bigger & just wing it. But they were not staying on my feet. At all. So after some frantic web searching... ta da! And I'm even more proud of myself because Nordstrom was going to charge me more than twice as much, but I was able to find them somewhere else.

5 Happy Things

  1. Eli is in charge of the treat for FHE. That should be interesting. :)
  2. Looking forward to the podcast, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me during my work-out on the ellyptical. I have been known to burst out laughing & get strange looks from people.
  3. Having found a closer hair stylist. (Salon Red here in Lorton Station. Couldn't find a website to link for you all, but the owner, John did a good job.)
  4. Having the chance to be artistic. (Almost done, Andrea.) I'll post the digital image tomorrow when it's done.
  5. A CRAZY cupcake blog. Wow. (We're going to attempt the Alfajore ones.)

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