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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You Keep Me Hanging On

First of all, I have to say that Eli and Mia are getting a bit jealous of the lack of web traffic on their site. For example, Stat Counter says that today Something Beautiful or Humorous had 16 hits so far, and Let Me Talk (Eli & Mia's blog) only got 2!!! Come on grandmas & aunts! I save all my humorous kid stuff & most of the general kid news for their blog.

Second of all, in honor of it being TUESDAY, AMERICAN IDOL DAY, I thought I would post this and say, "How cute is he?" (AS A PERFORMER! I can just see Chris freaking out and getting jealous. Sheesh!) We thought last week Paula, Randy & Simon had lost all touch with reality when they criticized the contestants so much (including cutie Blake Lewis.) Don't get me wrong- I love Melinda & La Kisha, but would you really buy an album that had the songs on it that they've sung so far? Ok. I didn't think so. I was just in love with Blake's performance. I cringe when I listen to the judges. Are they CRAZY???????? It was good enough for Diana (Ross!) but not good enough for them. WHATEVER!!!!

5 Happy Things

  1. Staying in Pima Cotton clothes for most of the day. (happy thing) I did manage to wear jeans when in public and even put on make up! (not one of the 5 happy things, but you can be proud of me there.)
  2. Also not one of the happy things- I got up in time to make it to a 6:00 a.m. spin class. But the happy thing there is that I didn't have to exercise later (the obstacles being that Mia would have to go to the day care where the women are starting to be mean! or that I would have to miss Idol in the evening.)
  3. Windows down in the car. Who isn't enjoying this weather?
  4. Since this is turning into a mostly UNhappy list, why don't I just mention the migraine headache I'm starting to get (the 3rd or 4th in just a few weeks)... And it makes me happy ummmmm... because I appreciate every other day when I don't have headaches. Yeah. That's it.
  5. Sore muscles! (also from strength training yesterday). Happy and unhappy. Makes you kind of miserable, but don't you just wish that lactic acid was visible? It just makes you feel buff because it's constantly bringing attention to all those muscles you forgot you had.


Amy Lynn said...

Really we are leading such parallel lives!

We are also Idol fans (actually for the first time this season...we are VIRGIN idol fans.) LOVING La Kisha! She is my favorite. Cannot fathom why the India boy and Hayley girl are still on the show. I threatened to quit watching tonight if one (preferably both) of them don't get kicked off!

Tell your kids to check the stat counter again. I didn't comment but I read a lot of them! I'll try and comment next time!

Ryann said...

I am completely impressed that you went to a SIX am spin class. You go girl!

And for the kiddos, I checked out their blog. Yeah!