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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I've lost my parental mind!!

I did something crazy & parentally taboo: I bought my kids a DRUM SET!! The REAL kind with metal drums & a CYMBAL. I know I am nuts.

There is a certain 6th sense you develop about toys that you buy or steer clear of for your kids. Especially if you have 2 or more kids. Certain annoying noisemaking McDonalds toys you will sneak into the trash when your kids are not looking. Certain loud circus sounding toys that were given to the kids for birthdays just "accidentally" don't get the batteries ever put in. Small stuffed animals that laugh and talk must have an OFF and ON switch or at the very least a volume switch or they will end up in the Salvation Army box.

My kids LOVE music. And they especially love drums. At dinner, a spoon in one hand and a fork in the other become drum sticks and plate, cup, serving pan and pitcher become the drums and cymbals. When I saw this drum set in Walmart I just caved. The noise level is actually not that bad. And as with other noisy toys, we set rules & I haven't had too much of a headache. They BOTH love it. They take turns and one plays the toy xylophone and one plays the drums. After I first took it out of the box & put it together, Eli was the first to initiate it by holding both drumsticks above his head and shouting, "Let's ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!"

Happy Things

  1. Seeing everyone at card club. I appreciate those friends so much.
  2. That I really DO feel much less stressed after exercising- especially with the harder core cardio. (I've been to 2 spin classes in the last week. They were great! AND like a nerd, I walked in Potomac Mills Mall for exercise. I enjoyed it, though. Mia loved it, sitting there in the stroller with so much to look at.)
  3. That they didn't cancel school today even though it snowed. Because for some reason snow days this year have always been on Wednesdays, & it's Mia's only day of preschool. Poor thing was getting totally ripped off.
  4. The way the snow sparkled when it was on the ground & the way it was so peaceful watching it fall. Like watching a fish aquarium.
  5. Eli & Mia have a favorite babysitter & a new best friend, Deborah Gateley. Eli talks about Deborah all the time. So sweet!

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Shelly Astle said...

As a fellow percussionist, I say "Rock On, Eli and Mia!"